Dated:16 January 2016


Quite predictably the recent Islamic attacks on Muslims and non-Muslims in Istanbul, Jakarta and Cologne all conform with the core Islamic principles and teachings. The scores of Islamic verses, example of Mohammed and accepted cultural patterns of Muslims are well-documented for their agreement on abuse of others - both Muslim and Kuffar. To Australia Wake Up supporters the enterprise of Islam is consistent and understandable. What is becoming increasingly obvious to the public is the hollowness of denying these facts. Meanwhile many Western politicians, media bosses, academics and their allies deliberately misunderstand the true nature and identity of Islam at its core and risk to our societies. How can this strange situation be improved?

Harry Richardson who closely follows these matters has discovered a possible turning point. Donald Trump's stance on Islam promises to turn the tables in the direction of sanity. The American presidential contender is well seasoned in controversy. He has learned much about the media and political process through decades of 'baptism by fire'. Please read Harry's article to discover an unexpected benefit for us all should The Donald be elected. He has promised to carry through on halting Islamic immigration and holding an open and public investigation into Islam by the US government.

On another note, we are asking for help with a research project. Australia Wake Up provides high quality information to its supporters, allies and everyone we reach. We see the need to provide reliable information on the Saudi funding of Australian universities and institutions. Please nominate yourself or any suitable person willing to work under our guidance on this project. Just email us and we will respond. this is most rewarding work and you will have support.

Best wishes in your counter jihad and patriotic activities: Auswup team; Harry, David, Chris, David and Brendan

Islam Trumped

It is easy to be pessimistic right now. Looking around we see craven, politically correct idiots in positions of power and a press which is not far behind.

ISIS is rampaging around Syria and Paris while the Iranians are busy building bombs. Europe is being invaded and the entire left side of politics seem to be cheering. I could predict a scenario where the Western world is overwhelmed by Islamic migrants and sold down the river by dhimmified politicians. Many people have made such predictions.

Since it is New Year, however, I'd like to cheer you all up with a prediction that has a far happier ending.

Right now Donald Trump is front runner in the Republican race. Let's imagine that he not only wins the Republican nomination; he goes on to take the presidency. How likely is this? Given his current standing in the polls, I think there is a real good chance.

Ok so let's say he makes President, then what? Trump made the statement that he wants to put a halt on Islamic immigration while America learns to manage the jihadist threat. I don't think he is about to back away from that.

In reality however, his halt on Islamic immigration might take considerable time to get past Congress. If he gets it over that hurdle then constitutional challenges by groups such as CAIR and the ACLU could tie it up for years more.

Let's ignore the first part of this statement then and focus on the second half which has largely been ignored by the media. What does he mean "while America learns to manage the Jihadist threat?"

If Donald Trump was smart (and I'm beginning to think he might be) then this would mean convening a very public enquiry into Islam and Jihad.

In a best case scenario, non-Muslim Islamic experts would be invited to give an assessment of Islam. These experts would include the likes of Robert Spencer, Brigitte Gabriel, Bill Warner and Wafa Sultan.

Muslim scholars, leaders and Islamic apologists would then be invited (or subpoenaed) to refute this assessment and to give a clear explanation of why it is wrong. This process would be televised and shown around the world.

If this were to happen then subjects such as Taquiya (lying to advance Islam), compulsion to violent Jihad, the intention to subjugate the world and the murder of all Jews to bring on the day of judgement might be amongst those discussed. One thing is for sure, the list would be long and shocking.

By the time the enquiry finishes, the world will be in a state of disbelief. Not just the non-Muslims either. Muslims live in a fantasy world, believing that theirs is the greatest of religions and they are the greatest of people. This fantasy has been sustained for 1400 years because almost no-one has had the knowledge and even fewer the courage to challenge it.

Islam cannot stand up under this kind of scrutiny. It will be like the emperor with no clothes on. Muslims will become a laughing stock and they won't be happy about it.

Many of them who've been pretty oblivious to what the Islamic scriptures actually say, will then be demanding answers from their own religious leaders. When they don't get answers things may well turn ugly. This will be a very bad time to be an Islamic religious scholar. At this point, imams will probably be paying more for life insurance than professional base jumpers.

Once we reach this stage, I would very much like to believe Muslims will reject Islam en masse. They can then begin the process of repairing their culture and their societies. I think however, that this will take far longer than it took the Germans to recover from Nazism.

The Germans had a Western, Christian based culture and National Socialism was a short lived aberration. Muslim countries have been under Islam for centuries and it will take time to change.

If Muslims are willing to make the effort however, I'm sure the Western world will be more than happy to lend a hand. Whether this will take place within our borders however, is something that will have to be decided at the time.

For those who are genuinely interested in helping to improve the lives of Muslims, this is the only feasible way to do it.

Islam will not be defeated by troops in Syria. It will take courage to defeat Jihad. Not from our boys in the Middle East, we know they have plenty. It is our leaders who need to harden up and this won't happen unless we demand it.

There are people coming up now who would make great leaders. It is up to the Australian public to decide whether we give them the chance. To make this happen we need three things: education, education and education. You guys who subscribe to Australia Wakeup and who talk with other people about the tremendous threat Islam is to our freedoms and civilization are doing a great job of that. Please keep it up.

The great thing about this prediction is that if enough people share it then it could be a self-fulfilling prophecy. Things are moving fast and we have an exciting New Year ahead.

Thank you to all our readers for your comments and encouragement, it means a lot to us. Especially thanks to those who pass on our articles. Knowing you are behind us gives us the inspiration to keep going.

by Harry RIchardson

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