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As we awaken to the threats of Islam and Cultural Marxism, there are stages on the road to taking action. This newsletter brings you the story of one Aussies experience as he moved from just observing to doing something useful. David Clark concluded that he could not accept the unacceptable. In his case the Halal food rort tipped him to taking action. Change comes when tens, then hundreds and then thousands of small citizen actions build momentum and we make reality conform to our will.

Our enemies understand very well how repetition makes change. That is their main tactic for now. A Burka here, some taqiyya there, insert another Mosque and upset the locals, then an occasional rape or assault, then pass the hat around to send a brother off to ISIS for battle training. An occasional major outrage like Martin Square, then quiet for several months. Then back to a racist complaint, all the while leaning on the Aussies' welfare system and crying about persecution, bigotry and intolerance. Thousands of these little actions bring the do-gooders and social agency workers out to protect their gods of Multiculturalism from harm.

Next thing Aussies are being lectured by turncoat politicians on how we must welcome hostile Islamic immigrants and tolerate the intolerable. Fortunately David Clark is not alone in rejecting the nonsense. Thousands are making their voices heard and we are becoming the majority.

Finally in Germany after decades of Politically Correct fence sitting by its pacifist citizens, they have awoken to the threat of hostile Islamic immigrants. The rape of their wives, daughters, mothers, girlfriends, grandmothers and sisters by mostly Muslim 'refugees' has finally shaken into life the citizens' previously forgotten instincts for self preservation.

The tidal shift in the Western people to protect our precious Civilization against the eternal enemies has begun. David's story is a glimpse into the way of personal change. Let us know about your path from 'awareness to action' and how it changed your life. We will win this fight but there is still a significant distance to go before we earn the victory.

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Auswup team; David, Harry, David, Chris and Brendan.

From opposing halal certification to wanting Islam out of Australia
(or: How a Jar of Vegemite Turned me into an Anti-Islamic Crusader)

I came home from a visit to our local supermarket one day in January 2015 and noted a halal certified symbol on one of the grocery items. To the best of my recollection this was on a jar of Vegemite. Either way I had not noticed it before.

I casually mentioned to a shelf packer I know that I had seen the halal certified symbol on something I had purchased. His reply shocked me. He said that I would be surprised at how much stuff is halal certified without it being disclosed to the consumer.

It was from this point on that I started to look into halal certification. I was dismayed to find that more than three quarters of my daily supermarket purchases were paying this Islamic fee/tax. These were on non-export domestic products.

I would not expect any consumer to purchase a product that paid a levy towards a religious, non-religious, social or political group that I am part of. I certainly wouldn’t expect them to do it without the full disclosure of who they were paying and how much.

I began to petition the product suppliers directly through their website contacts and e-mail addresses. I told them that they should place a halal certified logo on their products. This would serve to keep the customer fully informed as to what they are in fact supporting through their domestic purchases.

To my dismay, many companies did not even respond. The companies that did reply, indicated that they are not required to show that their products are halal certified. They offered a range of canned responses that were frankly not acceptable as an excuse.

Failing to fully disclose to a consumer that a product item is 'whatever' certified is pure deception regardless of how the 'justification' is spun. Such a disclosure should be clearly labelled on the item itself.

The most common response I received from product suppliers was, "We hope you continue to support our Australian product. We do not use halal certification as a marketing tool. We do not support any religion through our products."

This just made no sense at all. These companies were supporting the Islamic belief system (religious, political, social) no matter what excuses they offered. They were not supplying an Australian product. They were supplying a Muslim product in Australia.

Not having a halal certified label on their products is in fact a deceptive marketing tool as most Australians do not wish to fund Islam. This is becoming obvious with websites such as Halal Choices, and the groundswell of other social media groups rising up to oppose and boycott Islamic products. Most Australians refuse to fund Islam through their domestic, non-export, every day product purchases.

Imagine if other religious and non-religious groups started funding their belief system by deceptively levying a fee/tax on the domestic purchases of the Australian people. The hue and cry that would ensue from the media and other groups would be deafening. Any such schemes no matter how meticulously implemented are simply are a rort.

I then went on to contact the government food certification bodies regarding this issue. Essentially, they told me that they were not really interested in answering my enquiries with anything other than stating "we do not require companies to display the halal certification logo."

By this stage I was in full swing. I was boycotting halal certified goods with the aid of the Halal Choices phone app and website, along with the Buycott phone app and the website. I was also following the relevant anti-halal certification groups on Facebook. It seemed I was not the only racist bigot who was taking this stance against halal certification.

As I stepped deeper into my opposition of funding Islam through my supermarket and chemist purchases, I became the subject of on-line abuse. I was stereotyped with all of the usual labels and was even told by one Australian that with any luck someone like me would eventually starve to death. I lost 'friends' on-line as they now saw me as some kind of hater, which is simply not so. Was it too much for me to expect that my product purchases should be free of fees or taxes linked to religions or any other belief system?

The senate enquiry into third party consumer certification in 2015 was certainly something we all welcomed. That was until we realised the head of the enquiry was in fact a Muslim. That obvious conflict of interest leads me to believe that its outcome will be tainted for sure. We can take heart that at least the head of this enquiry showed his true colours with his tweets.

It was greatly encouraging to see the stance that Corey Bernardi took exposing this rort for what it truly is. At the end of the day, we need to ensure that the halal certified label is placed on products. That way, Australians who don't wish to fund Islam have a clear avenue to let their voice be heard.

Perhaps suppliers will get the message when they see their profit margins disappearing. I do not wish ill on any company but if you are selling an Islamic product, I will not buy it - that is called the consumer's right to free choice.

My resolve to oppose this rort took on whole new meaning when a good friend put me onto Harry Richardson's book, The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled ( This book opened my eyes to many aspects of Islam. It also confirmed many of my suspicions that their 'religion' was far more than the peaceful entity which it presents itself as.

Now more than ever, with the relentless attacks on innocent people in Australia, it is evident that many Islamic representatives have scant regard for the non-Muslim population. Many also seem to think that our laws do not apply to them.

They have an overwhelmingly transparent disdain for our authorities and law makers. We have repeatedly been told by their clerics that Australians are inferior to them. They openly speak out about being offended by anything that isn't Islamic.

For these reasons, I want to see the mosques and Islamic schools closed and the Qur'an removed from any teaching syllabus in Australia. No other belief system propagates an obvious intolerance of non-followers of its teachings. Neither does any other belief system seek to replace our current peaceful and free Australian culture with its own.

I often wonder what our forefathers (and mothers) would say to us now that we are faced with this cultural war the world over. Would they want us to stand and fight, or disappear into the pages of history as a people who once openly opposed the spread of Islam? Ultimately for our childrens and grand-children's sake, the choice is ours.

Opposing halal certification will not stop the spread of Islam in Australia, but it will reduce the funding we are paying for their mosques and schools - the choice is ours and I choose not to fund Islam.

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