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In this edition of the Australia Wake Up newsletter we share with you the Conclusion from Dr Frank Salter's insightful article, 'Germany's Jeopardy: Could the Immigrant Influx "end European Civilization"?

Here is the Outline of Dr Salter's paper:

Introduction: Dire predictions
Social conflict
More crime
Reduced welfare
Greater ethnic inequality
Racialized politics
Reduced civil liberties
Benefits? Arguments for open borders
Conclusion: Jeopardy. Will Europe Survive?

Dr Frank Salter is an Australian professor who spent 20 years in Germany. He is a world level leader in his fields of social organization, diversity and politics. What is rare about Frank's work is that he combines methods derived from anthropology and zoology with theoretically based tools. Frank makes sense of complex events such as immigration, ethnic and cultural diversity and similar important topics and explains them in easy to understand language.

The subjects of power, social control, gender and ethnicity are the 'hot button' issues of our times. Too many politicians, journalists and unthinking hand-wringers get involved in pushing these matters on the rest of us with no understanding of the human factors and likely negative outcomes from their social engineering experiments. The right wing and many conservatives also don't understand these issues which go deeper than party politics. Most politicians are in hiding and will not take a stand to challenge State sponsored social engineering. They are afraid of being called 'racists', a cowardly reaction that makes them completely ineffectual at protecting national security from imported dangers.

We are the few standing up and calling for a halt to open borders and the degradation of national security from refugee 'hostiles and incompatibles.' Common sense and the experience of Australia Wake Up supporters tells us that our strong positions against forced multiculturalism and the denial of Islam's agenda are based on solid grounds.

Through the work of Dr. Salter we find an evidence-based view with a strong theoretical underpinning that exposes the dangers of multiculturalism. His reliable information clarifies and reinforces our responsible stance against politicians who impose their irresponsible social engineering agenda on the people of Australia and New Zealand.

Please read on for a sample of Frank's work.

Note: The extract below is taken directly from Dr Salter's article. We encourage you to read the whole thing on his website. It is not too long and gives more details on the points above in the Outline.

Here is the article:

Here is the video:

Conclusion: Jeopardy. Will Europe Survive?

The evidence just reviewed indicates that dire warnings are not overstated. The ethnic transformation now being inflicted on Germany and the rest of Europe by its political class, if continued, will severely damage European culture and way of life. The opposed arguments are flimsy and fail entirely to address the perceived risks. Commentators are not exaggerating when they warn that European civilization, the result of over two millennia of cultural evolution, is in jeopardy.

Hopefully common sense will prevail and journalists and politicians will listen respectfully to the people's concerns and aspirations. Perhaps Merkel and Hollande will recover from their moral mania and free themselves from special interests long enough to deign the flood to recede. Perhaps the EU will formulate a conservative immigration policy, one that does not cater mainly to the interests of immigrants, minorities and the corporate sector but also respects Europeans by preserving their identities, cultures, domestic peace, equality and national cohesion. It is more likely that voters will solve the problem than Europe's intellectually corrupt political class, and that new parties will be granted the power to reclaim national sovereignty from the failed EU project. In that case the EU will collapse, as individual nations move to protect themselves from the Schengen Agreement, now become a mortal threat instead of a promise. That could form the basis for a new trans-European movement that protects the identities and ways of life of individual nations and Europe as a whole.

But until now these considerations have been foreign to Angela Merkel and her supporters. She sells her open door policy as humanitarian. But in reality this is a cruel policy likely to produce suffering across Germany and Europe. She has failed to consider the interests of individual European nations or of Europe as a whole. Europe's political class has, in effect, embraced the most aggressive form of multiculturalism, in which the establishment forms an alliance with minorities to dominate the majority.

The suffering the open door policy will bring - the inequality, including the special evil of ethnic stratification, the collapse of welfare, the crime, the slums and no-go areas, the degradation of women, the racialization of politics, the decline in wages, the loss of national cohesion, the growing sense of loss and alienation among Germans and immigrants alike, the accelerated replacement of Europeans in their ancient homelands, the constriction of civil rights and the pervasive chaos - all of this will last for generations.

Merkel is doubly cruel because she is stripping developing societies of their more educated and industrious people. The inevitable fall in European foreign aid will hurt poor countries around the world, caused by the stagnation of European economies and decline in social capital.

A responsible policy would resemble the British strategy of helping refugees in or near their own countries while restricting their immigration to Europe, though it should be noted that in Britain non-refugee immigration is out of control.

For Germany the situation is more threatening due to its toxic political culture, despite its present low level of ethnic diversity. The country's chances of recovery - which means adopting a sustainable immigration policy - depend on how the following questions are answered by events.

How long will it take for the present reaction to become a powerful political force? How long before Germany's leadership feels the wrath of a people enraged at the prospect of the transformation of their country? And should the reaction become intense, will citizens remain mobilised long enough to build political organisations sufficiently powerful to correct the situation? Will they be able to inflict political censure on Merkel and the political class so stark that it neutralises the incentives offered by the establishment? Will they be able to do so in the teeth of relentless attacks from the mainstream media and educational establishments? Will they stay focused long enough to renegotiate EU arrangements or withdraw Germany from them? Will they persist long enough to push through constitutional amendments that define Germany as the homeland of the German people and allow legal redress against leaders who attempt demographic replacement?

Whether or not there is a pause in the influx, Germans and other Europeans should educate themselves about the deep causes of this disaster and how to prevent its recurrence.

Dr Frank Salter, Sydney, Australia

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