Dated:26 February 2016


Briefing to Australia Wake Up Supporters Re: The proposed Islamic 'refugee' cohort from Syria, what is the provable benefit of admitting to Australia and NZ foreign people who are both hostile and incompatible with our ways?

A Brief Note About Islam Muslims, Moderates and Jihadis;

    1) We must make clear distinctions between Islam the ideology and doctrine and the Muslims. Just because some Muslims do not practice jihad or terrorize and rape non-Muslims (and Muslims too) does not mean that ALL Muslims reject these teachings. The Australian and NZ experience suggests a minimum of 10% are totally committed to acting on the hard core Islamic doctrines, another 30% are easily swayed to support terrorist Jihad depending on the circumstances, another 30 % are forced to conform through Islamic social forces and a minority, the cultural Muslims just want to avoid the unpleasantness.

    2) Islam is radical and dangerous in its literally unchanging core doctrines and ideology. However Muslims have varying personal levels of commitment to faithfully following Islam's dictates. All Muslims recognize and want to emulate the example of Mohammed their Perfect Man and submit to the instructions of his god Allah.

    3) The so-called 'moderate Muslims' loved by Western media as representatives of 'True Islam' are a fictitious group - Mohammed called them the 'hypocrites'.

    4) Moderates are the less faithful Muslims. They enjoy the benefits of Western society and want us to give them opportunities to advance Islam. Moderates demand government money to pay for schools and mosques to ensure 'proper Islam' is taught to the youth. Their easy tactic is the slow advance of Islam. The energized Jihadis do the heavy lifting and full speed ahead part of the mission.

Who are these Syrian Islamic refugees?

Can these people contribute to Australian and NZ society?
Sociopathologies associated with Muslim refugees:

Rape, disease, psychological problems, social discord, violence, crime, gangs, Jihad, Sharia, low educational performance, failure and degradation of our communities. Every social indicator is degraded by Islam's presence. That is why most Islamic countries are hell-holes. Even the vast oil wealth has not been used to improve their societies because Islam's vision for society is debased and hopeless.

The exceptional individual and occasional success story does not shift the dead weight of Islamic social pathology, underperformance and oppression wherever Islam is introduced.


Muslim crime and Muslim terror - the endless cost to humanity

    1) All Western countries are monitoring their imported Muslims. Major risks to national and community security and safety arise from the activities of committed Muslims. They base their terrorist attitudes and activities on correct and accepted interpretations of Islam's doctrine, ideology and practice of Jihad.

    2) Taqiyya, the Islamic tactic of deceit to advance the cause of Islam is unknown to most Westerners including our people. Most of our political leaders and media are not equipped to cope with advanced Islamic tactics of deception. Our security environment is degraded and population exposed to high risk by this significant weakness.

    3) Jihad in the security context is means used by Muslims to advance Islam by strategy, treachery, deception, subterfuge, infiltration, violence, military operations, warfare, political processes or any other means available. The Islamic-defined enemy is non-Muslims and their societies that are regarded as inherently offensive to Mohammed's god Allah and destined for eventual submission to Islam.

    4) The Australian and NZ experience with Islam proves that Muslims have no regard for our laws. That means crime, opportunistic theft and abuse of honesty are greatly elevated because Allah approves. Muslim crime gangs, motorcycle operations, drug, prostitution and other activities are prospering - in addition to the Jihadist burden. Our Police do not need the additional burden of Muslim crime, increasing the Muslim population here will strengthen the links with Australia's Muslim criminals and their international networks which already reach into NZ.

    5) Australia's national counter Jihad security bill is now about $1B annually of taxpayer money to pay for the luxury of having mosques and Muslims multiplying in their communities. Do the NZ parliamentarians want to compete with Australia by spending big money on counter terrorism themselves?

    6) Do our nations and taxpayers now need to include an anti-Jihad component in the national budget? Will the taxpayer be consulted about this high risk activity before the parliamentarians vote to spend on importing Jihad inside the heads and hearts of these 'refugees'? Is building security against Islam becoming our new growth industry?

Islamic meaning of 'refugee'

    1) In fact and in terms of Islam these people are not refugees. They are participating in the hijrah. The hijrah is Mohammed's tactic to expand Islam by colonization through immigration developed when he moved from Mecca to Medina. That is the correct Islamic meaning for the Muslim refugee. At our peril we ignore the culturally sensitive meaning of Islamic terminology.

    2) One group of Muslims escaping as refugees from the victorious Jihad of the other group of Muslims demonstrates that the first victims of Islam are the Muslims. Both groups are in this case Syrian nationals and their Islamic cousins. They all belong within the Islamic world. (Any Christians involved are the 'meat' in the sandwich - a separate topic for later discussion.)

    3) Next year the shoe could be on the other foot as Saddam Hussein's Iraq showed us. The Shia are in power over the Sunni. Then there is an upset (an assassination - that word is Arabic - or the US topples a dictator!) and opportunistically the Sunni rise up and dominate the Shia. Today's refugees are tomorrow's oppressors. That is the way of Islam and Jihad for 1,400 years.

    4) The driver behind the Jihad terror is the political strategy of oil rich Muslim nations. With their trillions of petrodollars they fund military adventures inside Islamic countries to protect and advance their own interests. They also fund international projects to push their pure undiluted Islam into Western countries to subvert our sovereignty before Islams' claims.

    5) So why should Australia and NZ get involved in an Islamic family fight that has been going on for 1,400 years? If we get involved with the Sunnis the Shia will hate us and vice versa. Most of our politicians are totally ignorant of these realities and the complexities of Middle East Islam fueled politics. Importing Islam's problems is no solution, so why are they planning to do so?

Cultural violence against women

In Australia and NZ women enjoy equal status with men under our law. In the Islamic culture women are always inferior to men. Why do our parliamentarians want to approve importing Muslim males who are programmed culturally and psychologically to subjugate and control all women and Muslim females who endorse this oppressive arrangement?

Female Genital mutilation goes hand in glove with many Islamic groups. Do the Australian and NZ people consider that this practice, part and parcel of the Islamic culture, should be introduced here? Recent data identifies aver 200 million Muslim girls have had their vaginas mutilated and clitoris removed under Islamic custom. What plans do our leaders have to prevent this activity here in Muslim communities?

This new direction of importing more and more Muslims will undermine the status, dignity and position of women in our societies. The fact that institutional Feminism supports Islam and its treatment of women exposes that fundamental Feminism is intent on destroying Western Judeo-Christian civilization at its roots, the family and husband-wife relationship.

What are the ongoing consequences of bringing Muslims here? Chain migration with the continued importation of Muslims for 'family reunions' and other humanistic ends will ensure the Muslim presence in our lands grows and expands to consolidate power, political influence and the breakdown of our community standards including rape. Do our politicians want to be named as the ones who willfully brought this blight to our land?

Use of the Muslim womb as a weapon: The birth rate of Muslims in the West, supported by our social welfare systems is becoming an issue. Availability of work, housing, overcrowding, traffic congestion diseases and a host of other stress factors are amplified by mass Islamic immigration. Who needs this type of problem? Only those who profit endorse Islamic immigration; government welfare agencies, social workers, immigration lawyers, multiculturalist bureaucrats, religious fanatics and the usual malcontents.

Costs of Muslim crime and terror

Muslims are the victims, their families are the victims, non-Muslims are hurt. Division is brought to Australian and NZ communities. Religious groups and churches are ill-qualified to understand Islam yet many feel they should become involved. The whole matter of Islam brings us a hornet's nest of divisive problems leading to national disunity. (Note divisive - not diversity!)

All the Western countries have had their social services and communities degraded by the insertion of Islam with its drain on social welfare budgets, organizing centers of mosques, endless propaganda and twisting of the truth and eventual no-go zones. What justification can any Australian or NZ politician have for supporting this road to disaster?

Physical, social and spiritual diseases.

The German and European experience reveals many of the Muslim 'refugees' have serious communicable diseases such as tuberculosis, syphilis, AIDS and other health issues. These will be shared with the host population. Why do we want to expose our populations to these diseases? Why do we want to burden the health system and taxpayer with the burden of Islamic society's health problems?

Many of these Muslim refugees have severe psychological problems unknown in NZ. These arise from war trauma, brutalization through exposure to terrorism, Islamic cultural practices and similar personal catastrophes. Diagnosis and treatment is an expensive burden on our health system. Why do parliamentarians want to import such unneeded and insoluble problems?

Islam is a spiritual disease in its theory and practice, let us be frank about this unavoidable truth.

The UN, Islamic Countries and refugees

Australia and NZ are sovereign nations and our people control our democracy. We have every right to protect our nations from the obvious or covert risk and threat connected with any refugee project of the UN. There is no binding obligation on our governments to accept any refugees or foreigners onto our territory, especially at the risk of degrading national security.

Remarkably the Saudis, Kuwaitis and other Islamic countries do not want any Syrian refugees to enter their countries. Their officials state the security risk of Jihadis among the refugees is unacceptably high.

Most Islamic refugees are economic refugees. That is they want to use their opportunity to take advantage of the welfare benefits of the advanced societies. They insist on bringing their Islam however, and advancing its interests in the host societies despite its incompatible and hostile doctrines and policies. Eventually Muslims insist that their values should prevail over the host society in a strategic reversal of the original arrangements. That in essence is the terms of engagement of the hijrah for every Muslim; choose your Jihad, fast or slow and then start working on achieving the goals of the prophet Mohammed. The process must end in a confrontation between Islam and the rest of society.

Islam is a curse on humanity.

The problems of the Muslims are inflicted on them by their adherence to the practice of Islam. History provides evidence of centuries of failure by Islam to meet the basic needs of its people, let alone to advance them through education, effort, investment in their children's future and development of their communities and nations into places of health, safety and happiness.

If Islam is such a great system why are the Islamic countries places of such misery? Why do the Muslims jump at any chance to invade the prosperous Western countries, derived as we are from Judeo-Christian secular ideology in practice? After all Judeo-Christianity and secularism are anathema to Islam!

The answer to these two questions above reveals the true state of affairs.

In its entirety Islam is not a religion; rather it is a political, social, military, legal, economic, psychological system of dominance and submission cloaked in the garb of religion. It is based on Mohammed's tribal model of 7th century spiritual imperialism.


Can any Australian or NZ leader prove beyond any doubt that bringing Muslims here will benefit our national interests and community safety and cohesion?

If not, then under the Precautionary Principle as used in all environmental legislation. This states that if the government can't show that a law won't have negative impacts then it shouldn't be passed. We must prevent the importation of Syrian 'refugees' until there is conclusive proof shown to the people of Australia and NZ that they bring no harm to our nations, and especially our women.

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