Dated:23 March 2016


It's taken a long time but finally, in the US Republican primaries, Americans have two non-establishment candidates: one an undoubted conservative (Ted Cruz - definitely not a "Republican in Name Only" - a RINO) and another (Donald Trump) who aggressively refuses to bow to Political Correctness. The establishment are clearly alarmed. They have never seen anything like this and they are terrified by this phenomenon, and especially by the surge in popularity for Trump.

Having failed to bring Trump down with the usual media slurs and character assassination, they have now changed tack and are using a tried and tested formula to make him look bad.

Hundreds of extreme left wing goons are now attending Trump rallies and starting violence in the rallies. The point of this violence is not just to intimidate the Trump supporters. It is to make them look bad.

The left wing goons attend a Trump rally and start a fight. The press then breathlessly reports "Right wing Trump rally erupts in violence again!" Even if 99% of the violence is provoked by left wing goons, the one time a Trump supporter throws a punch in retaliation, it will be played over and over on the news.

How do we know this? We experienced the same thing at the Reclaim Australia rallies. Although we didn't organise these rallies, several of us spoke at them. What we saw shocked us. At the recent Brisbane rally, several TV news crews attended. The Police set up two areas separated by a wall. On one side was the Reclaim rally. This was attended mostly by mature-aged people who were quiet and well behaved.

On the other side of the wall were anti-Reclaim protesters who were screaming abuse, some through megaphones. Many of them were young and offensively aggressive. Many carried signs indicating that they were from the Social Justice Workers Party which is apparently a radical socialist group. The large police presence was holding the socialist activists back from the Reclaim Rally which they sought to disrupt and shut down.

The TV crews were naturally interested in filming the screaming left wing protesters. So where do you think they set up their cameras? Amongst the screaming left wing protesters? Of course not. They set up their cameras in the calm safety of the Reclaim rally, exploiting the peacefulness of our side to face their lenses into the crowd of screaming left wingers.

Media distortion has become an art form, a disgrace to honesty in reporting:

Both the latest and the previous Melbourne rallies in particular have been marred by totalitarian thuggery from the ironically titled Antifa ("anti-fascist") group. These violent brainwashed thugs tried to prevent ordinary conservative Mums and Dads from attending the rally and inflicted violence upon them.

In Brisbane, Antifa regularly demonize as Nazis those conservative citizens who want to protect our way of life. To paraphrase from a book published last year on the subject of Culture War - for that is what we are in now, and you'd better recognize it - rage, guile and deceit are salient characteristics of the satanic in men. But at the heart of the whole project is an overwhelming hatred of decent people and the conservative values which we affirm.

Totalitarian behaviour by the extreme Left was demonstrated openly in Adelaide this week by the violent trashing of Senator Cory Bernardi's office. Students and agitators took exception to the Senator's exercise of his democratic right to disagree with the "Safe Schools" program of in-your-face social engineering.

We need to vociferously reject this sort of profoundly anti-democratic behaviour and attempts to suppress free speech.

So, getting back to the Reclaim rallies. What did people see when they watched the news on the night after the rally? Images of a bunch of angry screaming extremists at a Reclaim rally. This is the kind of manipulative fraud being constantly visited on the people of the Western World by our arrogant media elites.

Things are changing however. The internet is a game changer. It provides us with the opportunity to fight back. Next time we attend a rally we go prepared. Our camera people will be on duty to record everything, warts and all. Then we will release our own video onto the internet for you, our supporters to share with the world.

Times are a-changing. Donald Trump is putting the fear of God into the establishment in the USA. Angela Merkel has just been trounced in local elections in Germany and the ALA (Australian Liberty Alliance) , One Nation and other non-establishment parties are making huge strides here in Australia as people demand safety and security from political candidates.

Ordinary citizens like us are making a difference. Australia Wake Up is committed to making sure that we take our country back from indifferent politicians and bureaucrats who are destroying it. We thank you for your support and commitment in this difficult time.

Together we will win for the sake of our children and nation.

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