Dated:13 June 2016

Three elections are happening this year which we believe will be among the most important elections in human history.

Firstly, we will have the British referendum on staying in the European Union or leaving (commonly referred to as "Brexit"). Secondly will be the Australian Federal "Double Dissolution" election where both the Upper and Lower houses will be up for re-election. Finally, at the end of the year, the USA goes to the polls to elect a new president.

It is our belief that if these elections go well that it will be the beginning of the end for Islam the world over. If not, then Islam will strengthen its grip and the free world will be in terrible danger.

The European Union is a non-democratic institution intent on subverting the democratic governments of its member states. To gain entry to the EU, nations have to show that they have a certain level of democracy. Ironically, if the EU were classed as a nation, it would not be democratic enough to pass this test.

The EU is a dictatorship. The EU Parliament has no power to pass laws at all. None of us know who is the real power behind the EU and the decisions it has made so far give great cause for alarm.

Yet what has happened in the past, pales into insignificance compared to what they have planned for the future. If the British vote to stay, then Turkey is likely to be admitted before too long. Plans have already been drawn up to this effect.

I don't think I need to tell you what effect that will have on Europe. Turkey's population has grown from a little over 20 million in 1960 to 75 million today. The EU is currently paying billions to Turkey to stop the flow of migrants into Europe. Turkey's GDP is half that of the poorest current EU member.

If Turkey joins the EU, Europe will be flooded with Muslim migrants and the Europeans will have no way to stop it.

If the UK leaves the EU however, it is unlikely that the EU will hold together. We believe that the nations of Europe will revert to their own democratic governments and begin protecting their own borders.

If you have friends or family in the UK, please ask them to watch "Brexit the Movie" which can be viewed for free on You Tube. Also please share it on social media such as Facebook. It is hard to imagine that anyone could watch this movie and vote to remain in the UK.

The link to this movie is here:

The movie is just over an hour long (1 hour 11 minutes). If you don't have the time to watch something so long, PLEASE watch this really excellent encapsulation of the issues by Pat Condell in just 10 minutes:

The Moment of Truth - Pat Condell on why the UK should vote to leave the EU (10:23):

In Australia, we are not yet in such dire straits. Unfortunately, most of our aspiring politicians want us to be. Both Bill Shorten and Malcolm Turnbull are promising to bring tens of thousands of Islamic migrants to Australia. It can seem difficult to see the difference between the two. However, there is a very big difference and it is important to understand it.

Bill Shorten is reluctantly promising to curb migration in order to get elected. Meanwhile his party and particularly The Greens, his likely coalition partners, are champing at the bit. They are demanding an open border policy at whatever cost.

Turnbull on the other hand is at odds with many Liberal colleagues over this issue. We believe a Liberal Government would be far more effective at securing our borders than a Labor one.

Most importantly, we have a raft of new candidates for the Senate. Many of these are standing on a platform of preventing the Islamisation of Australia. We know many of those involved in the Australian Liberty Alliance personally and strongly recommend them. Other groups include Daniel Nalliah's "Rise Up Australia Party," and Pauline Hanson's "One Nation".

The Lower House (House of Representatives) is the one that makes the government. Realistically the government is going to be led by either Malcolm Turnbull (Liberal) or Bill Shorten (ALP). It is vital that in the two-party contest, the Liberals (however weak many of them are on key issues of Islam and culture) should prevail over the ALP, who are much worse.

We therefore urge you to vote in the House of Representatives either for Liberal/LNP first, or for your preferred minor genuinely conservative party, and THEN preference the Liberals/LNP, ahead of Labor and the Greens last. The exception to this is in Wentworth where we would like to see Malcolm Turnbull lose his seat.

In the Senate, we recommend voting for the Australian Liberty Alliance or other small parties which you feel confident are opposed to the Islamisation of this Nation. If they can hold the balance of power in the Government, then plans to bring thousands of Islamic migrants here will be thwarted.

The following is a short video from the Australian Liberty Alliance which we recommend watching and sharing:

Who are the minor parties we think worthy of your Senate vote? Take your pick from among these, but ONLY from among these: Australian Liberty Alliance, Rise Up Australia Party, Christian Democratic Party, One Nation, Family First, Mature Australia Party. There are also a few independents standing who are worth considering.

BUT for the Senate, we urge you, if voting above the line (which is by groups rather than individual candidates), to vote for AT LEAST six groups and THEN give your final (seventh?) indicated preference to the Liberals/LNP. That maximizes the chance for decent genuine patriotic parties to win seats, but in the worst case scenario, if none of these are in a position win, it avoids any possibility that your vote could be exhausted, and thus by default help the Greens of Labor.

In the USA, Donald Trump is now almost certain to face Hillary Clinton in the presidential election. Trump has vowed to halt Islamic immigration until after an investigation into the phenomenon. Trump is the first candidate for President, not to be funded by any large institution or overseas nation. We believe he will be true to his word and Islam will be put on trial for the first time ever in an international spectacle. This would likely be the beginning of the end for this evil political system.

We continue to advocate that Americans vote for Donald Trump and recommend that you do the same whenever possible. Please keep yourselves and your family safe,

With kindest regards from the Auswup team,

Harry, David, Chris, Brendan and David

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