Dated:9 July 2016


Australia has had five governments in six years. This election with its bare knuckle outcome is a larger version of this trend. Malcolm Turnbull and Bill Shorten have both shown how little they support the Australian people. Instead, they exploit the political process for personal advantage.

Unfortunately, these types of people are attracted to politics purely for personal power and prestige. Consequently, they manipulate others ruthlessly at the expense of the public interest. They are unfit to govern but excel in a game of lies and deception.

The minor conservative parties reveal another side of Australia. Many good and well-meaning Australians have stepped up to the plate.

The driving force for many of these small parties has been fear and rejection of the impact that Islam could have on our society. They are also alarmed at the undermining and destruction of traditional values.

The major parties are shamefully ignoring the dangers and selling our nation down the river. They are enmeshed in political correctness and are prepared to tolerate the intolerant. They accept the intolerable under the delusion of multicultural "diversity and inclusiveness."

They ignore the fact that Islam by nature is neither tolerant nor inclusive. Instead, it is supremacist and parasitic. The Government talks about jobs and stability while ignoring Islam. The cost of Islamic refugees has added a huge financial burden related to terror, welfare dependency and corruption, to name just a few.

The Labor Party and the Greens are besotted with gender and identity politics - light years away from where ordinary Australians are at - and destructive social engineering. Both sides meanwhile are either allowing, or even assisting in the cultural destruction of the nation.

The standout success among these small parties was Pauline Hanson's One Nation party. This is the oldest and most widely organised anti-mass immigration party. Pauline Hanson has certainly been elected, and it looks like One Nation may get several additional Senate seats.

Some years ago, Pauline and one of her colleagues were imprisoned over an electoral technicality. It seems likely that the harshness of this sentence was related to the danger of her political stance to the major parties.

Australia Wake Up has been supporting a number of the small parties wherever possible. In recent times, we have advised One Nation on the subject of Islam. We have provided briefings and information as well as strategic assessments.

We have also supplied many copies of Harry Richardson's book, The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled (On-line here) , in the hope that Pauline can persuade other Senators to read it.

We believe that Pauline has good instincts and a support base that virtually none of the others can come close to. We support her call for a national investigation into Islam.

Pauline Hanson's One Nation party now represents our strongest voice in the Australian Parliament. Australia Wake Up will continue to give them guidance and assistance.

The recent rise and fall of Clive Palmer's party at the cost of millions of dollars exposes another aspect of Australia's minority politics. Palmer United was always about Clive and revenge at people who crossed him; it had no cohesive policy basis.

The expenditure of human effort on forlorn hopes, lost causes and single issues without any coherent world view to back them is a common feature of the Australian political landscape.

Many of the recent small parties and candidates are well intentioned. However, this election shows the reality. Australians of good conscience need to unite their efforts.

They need to work towards what is achievable. Often times, this means starting at local level and working towards state politics before running for Federal Parliament.

Many of these well intentioned people have an unintended consequence. They split the conservative vote. In doing so, they risk handing power to Labor and the Greens who wish to flood our country with Islamic asylum seekers.

Now is the time for all of the minor conservative parties to reflect on their future. It is time to consider how they can best serve the people of Australia. These well intentioned people need to find ways to begin working together - and that must mean setting aside personal egos for the sake of the national interest. It can't be "all about me!"

Australia Wake Up is doing everything we can to facilitate this process. We could not carry on with our vital work without your support. We thank those of you who have given so generously in these difficult times and continue to pass on our message of hope.

You, our members are the true Australian heroes.

On an unrelated note, we have come across a number of fake emails and You Tube videos regarding Islam. A recent one was supposedly a Muslim man having a meltdown after learning that Islam was a fake.

Upon investigation, we found that the subtitles had been doctored. The man was upset about something completely different. We notified Bare Naked Islam who had provided a link to this video and they removed it immediately.

It is easy to fall for these types of things but they make us look foolish and desperate. Please, before passing on things like this, take time to do some research. is a good place to start. 5 minutes is usually all it takes.

Some of these things are generated by our enemies to slur our characters. Please take that extra time to avoid falling into their trap.

Also, please pass this advice onto anyone you know who sends out these chain emails.

Chris Newman

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