Dated:22 July 2016


A national election is a time of judgment. We saw how Malcolm Turnbull was judged and found wanting by many Liberal Party supporters. Some voters, still not yet woken up to the issues concerning the future of Australian and Western civilization, voted for the "reasonable" and purportedly "centrist" Nick Xenophon, and the "truth in sentencing" Derryn Hinch. Some voted for the politically incorrect Jacqui Lambie.

But judgment was also visited upon the existing and new minor parties of interest to readers and followers of Australia Wake Up, the Counter Jihad and the Cultural Wars. Most of these small parties fell away but ONE, however, rose up: One Nation. The next judgment will be on us, the minority voters. How will we advance this new opportunity presented by One Nation?

Our business in Australia Wake Up is not limited to politics. We must, however, learn how to work with every opportunity before us.

The last newsletter reflected on the good news of the return of Pauline Hanson and One Nation Party. Pauline is now an Australian Senator and she received the primary vote support of over 500,000 voters, including more than a full quota in Queensland and over half a quota in both New South Wales and Western Australia. Already she has set out her party's platform before the Australian people. We now know the goals and intentions of One Nation. In terms of realpolitik there should be strong agreement and consensus in our camp to support One Nation. That party, provided it sticks to its stated position on national security, social cohesion, financial prudence, economic stability and rejection of Islamic tyranny, deserves the full support of all those who want to advance Australia Fair.

Australia Wake Up supported all the parties standing for the principles and policies we share with our readers. Now, we encourage everyone to close ranks, and give One Nation the support it needs. We encourage all of the people aligned with our broad cause to maintain the high standard set by Pauline and her team. Honesty and forthrightness are an essential part of Australian culture, and the practice starts right here.

That brings us to the next point. In a post-election letter, the Australian Liberty Alliance executive have instructed their members to distance themselves from One Nation and other parties they rate as racist or religious. We see this stance by ALA as very poor judgment of the Australian political realities. We also see it as an insult to the other minor parties whose members are allied with the conservative movement. ALA presents itself as a central conservative platform representing many of the same concerns stated by One Nation. In the polling figures, ALA was in the bottom grouping of the minor parties. We believe ALA's post-election anti-unity stance places its executive firmly into a position where Australia loses.

Memo to all minor party leaders, including of course ALA: it can't be all about YOU, it must be about the future of Australia.

We realize that many of our people had hopes that ALA would reach the heights that One Nation has now achieved. That did not happen. Clearly, One Nation is the true 'Geert Wilders' type party in Australia. Within one week Pauline advanced our concerns into the public debate. She gets publicity which the others cannot; and her performance, including on the ABC's Q&A program this Monday, shows she has grown very creditably in her ability to get her - our - message across, temperately but assertively. Our duty is to support and move with the cause and widen its appeal and impact. The way forward is to support Pauline Hanson and One Nation as they break through the barriers of ignorance, prejudice and vested interest to affirm and robustly defend Australian values, the true Australian way of living and a wholesome vision for the future.

Already moves are afoot among the Counter jihad and Cultural War organizations to build a cooperative network, share information and develop the projects and activities we have underway. The election is behind us, the minor parties that didn't make the cut have folded their tents. The task before us is to capitalize on the gains that our cause has made. That means learning the United Front approach to build momentum and break new ground, socially, politically and culturally. The opportunity opened up by One Nation, representing our collective interests, is ours to develop.

The leadership of Australia Wake Up urge each of you to consider how to support the next chapter in Australia's response to the crisis within our civilization. This work is best done one decision at a time by each of us acting as conscious citizens in our Civil Society. We must push out the hostile elements and strengthen the healthy relationships that have long characterized the Australian people.

Chris Newman

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