Dated:21 August 2016


Who remembers the story about the goose that laid the golden eggs? In the context of immigration, a hot topic in these times of refugees, multiculturalism, political correctness, globalism, social media and other doubtful propositions, Aussies and Kiwis must take stock of our historical position. We are the inheritors of our historical nations, Australia and New Zealand, the geese that have laid the eggs in this story (our modern, economically advancing, freedom loving, stable, prosperous societies).

Professors, politicians, United Nations spokespersons and social justice advocates can discuss geese and eggs in their general, theoretical terms. Then they derive moralistic arguments telling us how to behave. But we the people of these lands and of our historical nations have sovereign ownership of particular geese and particular eggs that are our unique responsibility. The government we elect, churches we attend, businesses we run, schools we support and families we raise all depend on the preservation of our own nation for mutual sustainability and ongoing well-being.

Our historical nations of Australia and New Zealand have been built up by generations of committed people to produce benefits and blessings for all. Just a few of our hard-won advantages are education, healthcare, a secure environment, respect for the family, the rule of law, community cohesion, high levels of trust, healthy food, moderate diversity that respects our values, laws and institutions, and protection of the natural world. Through discipline and development we have overcome many failures and learned tough lessons the hard way. That's what the spirit of ANZAC is all about.

Now we are being forced as a people and against our own will by political decree and international forces to take in outsiders from places where the locals have ripped up their own national goose, broken all her eggs and even eaten the gander! What sureties do we have about the ongoing behavior of people from such cultures once they enter our nations? Will they seek to reproduce the conditions of their devastated homelands and diverse cultures? Will they in humility decide to learn from us, adopt our ways and become great contributors to our nation? Even if we are successful now in choosing productive and peaceful immigrants, the extremes of diversity that have been created in recent years have been bad for social cohesion. Numerous overseas examples attest to the dangers of not just ethnic but especially cultural diversity.

It is time to challenge the "open borders" political decree originating from the United Nations and being pushed by globalist opportunists. They use the media and international agencies to dictate to us who will enter our nation and who we must accept, and suggest that we are somehow morally reprehensible or "going against international law" if we object on the basis of protecting our own national interest. In contrast to their one-way demands, we Australians and New Zealanders have traditions of respect and shared support for mutual long term benefit. But our altruism is being twisted to force us to accept many outsiders who have no contribution to make and who have no respect for what we hold most dear. Long term unity is built on trust and shared values. Our national inheritance is being destroyed for short term expediency (like rising house prices) and selective exploitation (like cheap labour).

Both our historical nations are being SOLD by those who would claim to protect us: the politicians, church leaders and captains of industry. The new ideology of politically correct multiculturalism harbours the mentality of welfare privilege and entitlement-mentality socialism as well as rejection of the primacy of our own national culture and values. It destroys the historical community cohesion of Aussies and Kiwis. Its self-righteous messages are spreading through our schools and institutions to upset and confuse our kids in their own land. We are being globalized through leftist propaganda and rightist opportunism. And we the people of our historical nations are being sold down the river by politicians elected by our votes. Yes, our votes! If you don't like what they have been doing - why vote for them?

Fortunately we ANZACS are learning from our experiences. The blinkers are coming off. No longer will we suffer as the losers in this multicultural mix or mess. We are the majority. Our historical nations and culture as the Australian and New Zealand people invest us with every right to representation at the head of the table. We must exercise our will according to our democratic right and proportional numbers.

At present virtually all of our established parties are not representing our interests. This goes not only for the politicians but also for the churchpeople, the business people, the university people and the other functionaries. However that table is ours and the seats belong to us. Our forebears built everything that we have inherited. They trusted we would use the nation wisely then pass it on enriched to our children.

So where is the wisdom in all this?

We are preparing to stand up for no one else has that privilege. No one else can speak for us. And on our own terms we will reach out to those who are our nearest responsibility, people like us and those within our territories. In that way we shall provide an example to all the other nations - especially Europe, Canada and the United States. They too can reach out to take care of their closest responsibilities - the ones staring them in the face, and their next door neighbours.

Charity begins at home, not half way around the world.

As for us, the path forward out of this mess is being revealed beneath our feet. We are preparing to march. Watch for further instalments.

We are the ANZACs, we are awakening, we stand as one, hear us roar!

Chris Newman

August 2016

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