Dated:14 October 2016

Australia Wake Up thanks you!

In recent months, Australia Wake Up have been able to make purchases of much needed audio visual equipment. This has been done through donations made by you, our supporters. For this we are extremely grateful. As a result, we are now in a position to deliver professional presentations to a far wider audience than previously, and we are no longer reliant on sometimes faulty or difficult to use rental equipment. We have been putting the new equipment to good use, and will continue to do so at every opportunity. In the past fortnight, Australia Wake Up presented at two events, one in Logan, and one in Brisbane. We have had excellent feedback from attendees of each event, and positive feedback continues to flow in.

On Friday, 23rd of September, Logan City Safe Communities (LCSC) held a public meeting in Logan to inform concerned residents on the operations of a number of known Islamic boys boarding madrassahs operating out of domestic dwellings in Logan and on the Southside of Brisbane, along with the plans of the Islamic community to increase the number of madrassahs throughout Logan. Our research indicates these madrassahs in Logan and Brisbane are fully operational and are teaching Sharia Law to young impressionable Muslim boys, with plans to create an "ulema", or body of Muslim scholars who are recognised as having specialist knowledge of Islamic sacred law (Sharia Law), and theology, as stated online on the social media posts of the Islamic community. They are overseen by a Salafist Imam in Logan who is a known supporter of the radical Islamist group, Hizb ut-Tahrir.

Photo: D Truman, Australia Wake Up, LCSC Public Meeting, 23 September 2016

A series of educational and informative presentations were given to the public on the evening. The three main topics addressed were a) Mosques (by Rise Up Australia); b) Madrassahs (by Australia Wake Up); and c) Halal Certification (by Australia Wake Up). Emphasis was on how these three Islamic beasts are interlinked, how they further the spread of Islam, and how they pose very serious danger to the values we hold dear in our secular nation. An introduction to the evening and Logan City Safe Communities' "Projects of Compassion" was presented by LCSC.

On Sunday, 25th of September, Australia Wake Up presented once again to a Moreton Bay Region Safe Communities meeting on Islam: an Introduction to its Scriptures and Doctrines (Part 1). Part 2 will be delivered on Sunday 23 October.

So far we have used donations to buy a portable screen, a projector and a good sound system. We have self-funded the purchase of a new laptop. We have also covered travel by one key member from Auckland to the launch on the Sunshine Coast of a peak body bringing together many patriot organizations. This provided invaluable opportunities for networking, including with some new federal politicians who are influential in Canberra.

There is no shortage of projects for which resources continue to be needed. We would very much like to be able to take our high-quality, authoritative presentations around Australia - to groups in other cities, and to federal politicians in Canberra. In fact we now have a very large resource of presentations on topics including: "Islamophobia", Islam for Aussies, Islam: an Introduction to its scriptures and doctrines, What is a Mosque?, What is a Madrassah?, the Process of Islamization in Australia, Halal Certification, Multiculturalism, We are in a Culture War, The History of Political Correctness, Cultural Marxism, The Corruption of Education and Hijacking of History by Islam and Cultural Marxism, Is Islam just another Abrahamic faith?, the Sociopathology of Islam, Six Arabic Words to understand Islam, Ten Koranic Verses underpinning ISIS, and more. We believe that NO ONE else in Australia has a resource comparable to this.

In our next newsletter, we will be sharing more of the action we have been involved with and laying out our roadmap to reclaim our children's future.

We appreciate how tough times are. Many of our members are ordinary battlers and we appreciate the financial sacrifices you are making. We take every dollar you donate and make sure we spend it for maximum impact.

Malcolm Turnbull wants to bring in 12,000 refugees from Syria. Labor and the Greens would like to bring in far more. Nobody can assure us that there will not be any suicidal jihadists amongst them.

Perhaps one of them would be crazy enough to drive a truck over a crowd of innocent Australians. Perhaps there would be more than one. We don't know and we don't want Australia to have to find out.

We continue to fight ferociously in a number of ways. Some of the most effective strategies cannot be disclosed, even to our members. Be assured however that we will do our best to keep you informed whenever possible. Remember that your donations are making a huge difference.

If you are not donating at present but feel you could do so, we can accept donations as small as one dollar per week (or five dollars a month). Every little helps and the bigger the donation, the more effectively we can fight. Please consider!

We believe that this nation is worth fighting for. With your help, we can turn this war around.

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Kindest regards from the Australia Wake Up team of Harry, David, David, Chris, Brendan and Samantha.

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