Dated:3 December 2016

The election of Donald Trump is a demonstration of the seismic shift occurring across the Western world. This shift is driven by ordinary people like us. We have raised our voices together and inspired others by boldly speaking and demanding the truth of our politicians and media.

This trend is also rising in Australia. Gillian Triggs, a paragon of Political Correctness, was recently informed that her tenure at the despicable Human Rights Commission is to end. This Commission has recently been exposed for the tyranny of its operations against the Australian people.

As you may be aware, that Commission recently ran two politically motivated court cases against citizens who dared to speak out for their rights. The first case set the Human Rights Commission against seven students at a Brisbane university. Three white male students were ejected from a computer room in the Queensland University of Technology (QUT), after they had gone there to study. Apparently the computer room was for “Indigenous students only”.

When one of the students, Alex Wood, posted on Facebook, “Just got kicked out of the unsigned Indigenous computer room. QUT stopping segregation with segregation?”, and other students passed comment, the Human Rights Commission pursued seven of them in court. Some of the students settled out of court, making payments of thousands of dollars. Fortunately, others fought the case, which was finally thrown out of court, with costs awarded against the complainant.

The second case the Human Rights Commission pursued was against Cartoonist, Bill Leak. Bill drew a cartoon highlighting an alleged lack of parental responsibility in Aboriginal communities. The Human Rights Commission encouraged two Aboriginal men to sign complaints. These have since been withdrawn.

It is now abundantly clear why the political classes are so keen to remove our right to free speech. The self-appointed elites have an agenda designed to destroy our society of free men and women, by turning us into silent tax paying sheep. They know that right minded people will speak out against this and they are determined to stop us. The process of our enslavement pivots on criminalising our enshrined rights of free speech and freedom to dissent from tyranny’s agenda.

Free speech is a major pillar of our society and an essential element of our law and social arrangements. It is under attack from the Politically Correct and the Leftist anti-family ideologues and their camp followers. The Silent Majority are starting to awake to this threat to our peace and security. Australia Wake Up is fighting ferociously against these attacks from Big Brother and Big Sister. We stand for principles of law, justice and freedom that are non-negotiable and must never be abandoned while we breathe as Aussies and Kiwis.

Education is our most powerful weapon. The truth has a power to shatter the lies and expose our strengths against the enemies of freedom and dignity. It is vitally important that we communicate the facts clearly and that more people understand the issues we face before this subtle and cunning enemy. Our readers and their friends understand the issues involving Islamisation and Free Speech. Spread the word and bring your friends into the conversations of protecting our nation from Politically Correct oblivion.

As a starting point, we recommend Harry Richardson’s book. “The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled”. It is a powerful tool for educating people on the core issues. It is also a ripping yarn, because it covers high adventure, low treachery and the life of history’s most famous bandit. It covers the clever plans to Islamify our society, as well as the importance of Free Speech as the antidote to stifling conformity under Islam. This book has been instrumental in changing people’s understanding of these issues because it reads well and set out the issues so clearly.

Last Christmas, we offered a special price for ten copies of this book. Many of you took us up on this offer and gave out copies as Christmas presents to friends, family and colleagues. We are repeating this offer once again. Spread the word and make a positive impact of the better. If you don’t feel comfortable giving them to family and friends, you can wrap them up and put them in your neighbour’s letter boxes in the spirit of a Santa Claus for Freedom.

This time a special discount rate is offered per purchase (see pricing chart below). Like ripples from a pebble in a pond, even a single copy will likely be read by many people.

Now is the best time to get the word out to as many people as possible. We must turn things around while the opportunity is at hand.

Brexit, Trump, One Nation, and many other indicators show us the Silent Majority is standing up. Australia has the opportunity to press forward and each of us has a part to play in keeping the ball rolling. We note that the Liberals are currently struggling under Malcolm Turnbull. If people deserting the Liberals go to Labor instead of One Nation, Australia will be in trouble. Labor and the Greens are on the wrong side of this historical movement to advance our nation’s best interests. In their folly, they wish to rapidly increase Australia’s migrant intake of Islamic people from Syria and the wider Middle East.

The Left uses migration to stack the electorates against traditional Australian society. Their version of immigration gives the Left and ever-expanding voting base to keep them in power. We simply can’t allow that to happen because the results so far include jihad terrorism, Sharia Law, degradation of communities, loss of cohesion, and an expanding Social Welfare bill.

Start with a purchase of Harry’s best seller – here is a price list inclusive of postage and packaging, reduced until Christmas:

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We know you will agree and take steps to help save the nation from a downward spiral. Just email Harry now at and let him know how many copies you want. It is that simple.

Thank you all once more for caring about our great civilisation. It is because of you and our combined effort that we are turning things around.

With best wishes from the team at Australia Wake Up,

Chris, David T, Samantha, David C, Brendan and Harry.

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