Dated:22 December 2016

It Was Time for a Flush!

Last January could you have predicted the changes of 2016 that broke through the established order? The Brits led the charge to sanity with Brexit, then came the Yanks with the election victory of Donald Trump and in Australia the advance of One Nation proved the Aussies are waking up to and rejecting the dangers of creeping State socialism. These events we could not have imagined a year ago. Heck, even New Zealand put up a show. The Kiwis voted to save their flag from its rejection by the globalist Prime Minister John Key. Then in December anti-patriot Key resigned, giving the nation an early Christmas present.

The tide of Leftist- liberal, anti-human politics has encountered the rocks of solid resistance from everyday people like us. American voters threw out Hillary Clinton and by proxy expelled Obama from his pompous perch. More importantly the Western people are seeing through the media to its underlying hatred of family life, moral conservatism and community cohesion. In every case given above, the media revealed themselves as cynical ‘know it alls’, spouting propagating lies and hatred against the people’s choices. Most media have visibly acted to prop up the irresponsible games of the elites who financially exploit the downside of their politically reckless policies for personal advantage. As strangers to truth those media have become the tools of liars.

Make no mistake we have barely begun this fight. The enemy is wounded but remains dangerous. Leftists are sore losers. They will plot, deceive and twist to regain power. And there are many political operators who will swing with the tide – these are the ones whose apparent normalcy provides cover for the militant Leftists as they regroup and reform their strategy. And foreign hostile forces such as Communist China and Islam await their opportunity for expansion, predation and imperialist adventures at our expense.

Much remains to be accomplished. Britain has yet to sever completely its links with the EU, Trump has to implement his policies to prove his integrity, One Nation has to build the organizational support to implement its plans for a better Australia. The people leading this charge towards a saner world have broken through an historical barrier. That barrier like Obama’s presidency, fabricated on ‘hope and change’ was in essence an empire of deceit and moral corruption promoted in the name of democracy and progress. The lies must die, crushed by the truth.

The challenge for our new champions is to enact their policy and empower community action, to connect the grassroots of human decency with the political process. And to recruit high quality people to contribute to the vision of personal and public responsibility.

Mass immigration, the Nanny State, swollen social welfare programs, bureaucratic regulatory bloat, activist judges, Politically Correct schooling, LGBT exceptionalism and shrillness and a host of other crimes against humanity must be purged from the public arena. Normal people want all this dysfunction and pathology replaced with healthy back to basics leadership.

Our leaders are required to actively support community cohesion, family unity, core educational curriculum, entrepreneurship, patriotism, a strong military, repatriation of hostile foreigners, one law for all, binding public referenda and of course basic Christian morality in private and public life. If any of this seems disagreeable, consider the alternatives. We have choked on years of moral equivalence, disguised as political rights for every minority, at the expense of public sanity and family well-being. We know what doesn’t work and instinctively want what is best for us all.

So the process of social and political renewal has commenced. Let us follow through with support for those who are willing to do the heavy lifting. Keep them honest, insist on their very best, give them your feedback and most of all, keep learning from what has happened. The media mostly lie, politicians must be held accountable, we the people hold the real power, many elites are out of touch, kids are more important than things, keep your eye on the ball and don’t be fooled by the illusions of those who are little more than parasites on the taxpayer’s dollar.

Australia Wake Up encourages all our readers to continue the activism and build the momentum to reclaim our culture and Civilization. Let’s make 2017 the year when we consolidated our gains and pressed on with the vision of a united and healthy nation, starting with our own families and communities.

Best wishes from the team: Chris, David, Harry, David, Brendan and Sam.

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