Dated:11 March 2017

We haven't been in touch for a while because so much has been going on. The tragic news we received this morning was that Bill Leak has passed away from a heart attack. Bill is a famous political cartoonist with a most insightful vision. He has been a fearless warrior in the culture wars, calling out political correctness at great personal cost.

We will all miss him and will carry on his legacy undaunted. Please sign this petition to have him elected as Australian of the Year:

The good news is that we are making progress on many fronts. We are excited to have two new members joining us who will greatly add to our team.

Firstly, let me introduce Colin. He has been researching Islam and lobbying politicians as a one-man band. He has discovered that the Koran is the Constitution of several Islamic countries. These include Saudi Arabia and Somalia.

This means that when a Muslim swears an oath on the Koran, he is swearing on the constitution of a foreign country. He has pointed out that this is absolutely unacceptable for anyone swearing an oath of allegiance for public office in Australia. For politicians swearing in to either house of the Australian Parliament, this represents a breach of our Australian Constitution. Section 4:42-44.

We will soon be providing Colin's letters for Auswup subscribers to print out and send to their MP's. Colin has been struggling on a pension to send out letters to our leaders. Thanks to you, our generous donors, we will also be financing Colin's mail out campaigns to politicians all around the country. We are also able to support him with proof reading and formatting of his letters to a highly professional standard.

The second recent addition to our committee is Dianne. You may have seen lists of all the Islamic societies and entities in Australia. You also may have seen the list of security guards who are licenced in WA, most of whom seem to have Islamic names. These are all the work of retired housewife (if there is such a thing) Dianne.

She is now working on a database of Islamic finance in Australia which will raise some eyebrows to say the least.

Dianne has created all of these herself with no help and put them on an awesome facebook page which can be found here:

Australia Wake Up will be helping Dianne to format these and post them on our website where we can host them for her, thanks again to your support.

We are also working with a Christian pastor who is de-radicalising Muslims by showing them the absurdities and the evils contained within the Islamic texts. So far, he has converted over 1600 Muslims without a cent from the Government.

Australia Wake Up are using our connections in the Australian and American Governments to try to gain recognition and funding for this work. Our Governments have thrown countless millions at Muslim organisations without a single moderate Muslim to show for it.

If Muslims believe that if they come to Australia that they will be converted to Christianity, we expect they will consider alternative destinations.

We have also put together a campaign to have Islam's classification as a "Religion" removed by our Government. This will centre on a petition on the House of Representatives website which will be read out to the house. We intend to get tens, or even hundreds of thousands of signatures on this petition. This action will put pressure on the Government to debate that fact that Islam is not simply a religion.

There are now MP's who understand the truth about Islam and would love a chance to share this with the rest. Most MP's now have a copy of "The Story of Mohammed Islam Unveiled." If a debate is held on Islam, we can put pressure on them to read it.

The petition has been rejected once. Fortunately, we have been able to put pressure through our contacts in Parliament and it now looks as if it will go ahead on the 22nd of this month. We will keep you posted.

Harry Richardson has now offered US$1,000.00 to the first person who can disprove any significant part of his book. Please inform people of this offer when you are recommending them to read it.

We also note that the lawsuit against Kirralie Smith and Q Society has been dropped. Australia Wake Up is proud to have donated to this campaign against the free speech of patriotic Australians.

Last but not least, we have had some very substantial donations lately which have helped to turbocharge our work. We don't name people, but you know who you are and we are incredibly grateful.

All donations are greatly valued of course. Whether it is a dollar a week or much more, every donation will be used for the defence of this nation.

We have much to look forward to in 2017 and thank you again for standing behind us on this Crusade.

If you haven't yet donated but would wish to do so, please just click on the button below. We can take a "one off" donation or an ongoing monthly one.

To all of you who support our work we thank you, on behalf of all of our children and grandchildren.

With Kindest Regards,

The Australia Wake Up team

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