Dated:23 March 2017

We have fantastic news for you. Our campaign to have Islam reclassified as a Political Movement has advanced to the next level.

Central to this campaign is a petition on the Australian House of Representatives website. This petition was originally rejected. Thanks however to the influence we now have within the Parliament the petition is accepted with just a minor change of wording.

The purpose of such a petition is to dissect Islam into its constituent parts, separate its Religious aspect from the Political, Legalistic, Economic, Military and Ideological components. When the process of categorizing the key features of Islam is completed it will be controllable by our laws.

The taxman will be able to penetrate Islamic groups currently sheltering under the umbrella of religion and all its other activities that presently are sheltered inside the mosque masquerading as a "place of worship" (like a Church or Synagogue....can you believe that!) will be exposed and accessible to legal control and accountability.

That’s why we all need to assert our voice and get the Pollies to act on our instructions.

  • Please access the petition and sign it via this link:
  • Join with us and other concerned Australians acting to save our nation from Islamic oppression before it’s too late to block their plans.
  • Sign the petition today.
  • ***Don’t forget to fill out your email address. Your email won’t be published but you cannot sign the petition without it.***

    Please check the website for other action you can take. There are a number of other options on the above link. For example there is a downloadable pre-written letter to send to your MP; also download a leaflet to post in your neighbour’s letterbox; or share this information on Facebook or other social media platforms.

    It is vitally important that you not only sign the petition but also persuade as many people as possible to sign it too.

    Our future and the future of our children and grandchildren depend on our present decisive actions.

    We know you are part of the movement to save Australia from Jihad, Sharia and Islamic colonization (Hijrah).

    Kindest regards,

    The Australia Wake Up team

    Chris, David, Brendan, Harry, DavidC, Samantha, Dianne and Colin

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