Dated:10 April 2017

Launch of Australian Conservatives

Last night, members of the Australia Wake Up team were invited to see Senator Cory Bernardi speak in Brisbane on why he left the Liberal Party to form Australian Conservatives. All of us came away deeply inspired.

The event, held in an upstairs room of a hotel in the inner city, was a full house, and the guests were almost as interesting as the speaker.

We were delighted to see so many people from the right side of politics coming together so amicably. There were several high-profile members and former members of both ALA and One Nation.

Whilst there are always disagreements over how we should be progressing, there was a definite sense that everyone knew where it was that we need to get to. We also felt a sense that people were prepared to set aside their differences to work together to achieve the results we all desire.

Senator Bernardi stressed that he is prepared to work with any other likeminded groups to help achieve desired outcomes, and called for unity of purpose and action among all people who are on more or less the same page.

Just before the event started, we were greeted with the news that Kirralie Smith will be joining The Australian Conservatives. As I am sure you are aware, Kirralie has been fighting against the Halal Certification industry for many years.

As a Senate candidate for the Australian Liberty Alliance in NSW, she proved herself a polished speaker who can advocate clearly and with integrity for our cause. We know Kirralie has worked closely with Cory for many years and they trust each other implicitly.

Best of all however, was hearing Cory himself speak. Having listened to many politicians waffling and skirting around issues, the Senator comes across as a breath of fresh air. Cory Bernardi is a true statesman. He has kept to his principles without wavering during his entire career. I think it would be true to say that Cory hasn’t left the Liberals. The Liberals have left Cory.

Senator Bernardi has a keen intellect and clearly understands a wide range of issues. He speaks confidently and has the experience to know when to speak and when not to. When he wisely declined to reveal inside information on some issues, he did so with good grace and humour.

Whilst we don’t like to be too partisan here at Australia Wake Up, we feel that in the medium to long term, Cory and Kirralie will provide a stable and credible rallying point for people on the right side of the political spectrum who have been waiting for a leader of this calibre to come forward.

At the same time, we are very heartened by the stirling performance in the Senate being put in by One Nation Senators, including their wonderfully robust calling out of the Greens for their treasonous and economically destructive policies. Australia Wake Up certainly believes that between Australian Conservatives and One Nation, Australians will have some very creditable candidates to vote for in future.

Petition to reclassify Islam

Still on the subject of politics, we wish to remind you that our petition calling on the government to deny Islam its existing classification as a ‘religion’ (and consequent tax-exempt status) is still available to sign. The petition is on the website of the House of Representatives and will be read out to the Parliament once it expires after the 19th of April.

The petition calls on the Government to remove the classification of Islam as a religion. We believe it needs to be reclassified as a political movement with religious aspects. How seriously the Government takes this issue depends on how many people sign the petition.

If you haven’t signed it yet then we implore you to take the time to do so. If you have signed, then please urge others to do the same. Our petition webpage also gives other options such as downloading a letter to send to your MP or printing out a leaflet to post in your neighbourhood.

Petition Link:

If you have already tried to sign the petition and had difficulties, then please try again. If you still have trouble, please email the House of Representatives Petitions Committee telling them of your problems. Their email address is:

Please also CC us in on the email. Our address is:

This will allow us to confront the petitions committee with evidence of malfeasance against the Parliamentary System.

Separate petition for a Royal Commission into radicalization in Australia

Australia Wake Up is very pleased to support an additional petition from Safe Communities Australia calling for a Royal Commission into the rise of radicalization in Australia. It seeks to discover the core drivers, the money source, the infiltration of government and education departments, security agencies, and the people (and nations) behind the wilful terror attacks and destruction of our nation through Islamic radicalization.

Please sign and share with all your contacts. This petition needs more than 100,000 signatures for the federal parliament to consider a Royal Commission.

There is more detail on the scope and rationale for the petition on this Facebook page:

We urge you to LIKE the page so you can follow updates. RiteON in a movement designed to be an antidote to GetUp! – a leftist Soros-funded organization that seeks to destroy the values of our society.

As always, please consider passing on our newsletter to likeminded friends or sharing it on Facebook.

Thank you once more for your support and the generous donations which allow us to keep fighting for Australia’s future.

The Australia Wake Up team,
Chris, David, Harry, Brendan, DavidC and Sam

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