Dated:22 April 2017

Thank you for your support in our crucial campaign to reclassify Islam as a political movement rather than simply a religion. The Australia Wake Up petition on the House of Representatives website is a pivotal part of this campaign. It has now closed and was a resounding success. Over 11,000 patriotic Australians signed. Many more attempted to do so but were thwarted by technical difficulties in the petitions process itself.

We took the precaution of directing people through a campaign page of our own. This gave us the ability to see how many people were heading to the Parliament website to sign the petition. Our page had a whisker short of 50,000 hits. Some of these would of course, have been return visits. Still, only around 20% of the people on our campaign page actually managed to sign the petition. Towards the end - our signature rate rose to almost 50% of people on our web page because we gave clear instructions on how to navigate the process. This suggests the result should have been closer to 25,000 signatures.

We will raise our concerns with the petitions committee and with the Parliament itself. Still, 11,000 signatures is a remarkable achievement. The other 15 petitions on the Government website at that time had a combined total of just 644 signatures.

Your signatures send a powerful message to the Parliament. that “We the People” will no longer tolerate Islam which is an aggressively expansionist political system hiding beneath a veneer of religion.

The next phase of this campaign follows up the successful petition. Please join us once again to contact the Members of Parliament. We send them letters explaining fully the reasoning behind our petition.

Please go online to our campaign page to download a copy of our letter and a clear explanation of what to do. Just fill in your details and those of your MP. Then simply print it out, sign it and post it (or alternatively email it, though posting a signed letter is better).

Directions for finding your MP's postal address or email address are also provided on our campaign page. These are accessed by clicking on the following link:

Australia Wake Up is growing steadily in numbers and in effectiveness. Your support helps us campaign to stop the advance of radical civilizational jihad in our beloved country.

Thanks again for your support. This is an ongoing campaign. Donations to our 'fighting fund' mean we have the means to cover the additional costs. Our efforts are entirely voluntary and we appreciate every donation of funds and time. Together we are making a difference as the political and social landscape begins to respond to pressure from Informed Australians like us.

Just to recap: If you haven't yet done so, please download our letter and send a copy to your MP. Take the next step of donating to the cause. Thank you also to those who have already contributed. A modest monthly donation helps us to keep our organisation running and develop the projects required the next stage of our offensive to push back anti-Australian culture and to advance the rights and freedoms of Australian people.

Our team wishes each of you and your families a most meaningful and heart-warming Anzac day. 'Lest we forget'.

The Team at Australia Wake Up; Chris, Harry, David, Sam, Brendan, DavidC

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