Dated:3 May 2017

We Studied Mohammed's Words…. Now We Know Islam

Part 1 of 4

Many times our friends and contacts told us of their difficulties communicating with their family and friends about the menace of Islam.

Let's discuss this matter further because you are not alone in this surreal experience. Since the 9/11 Twin Towers airline attack there have been over 30,000 reported and documented instances of Islamic violence.

You and I would consider these facts conclusive proof that Islam is the driving ideology and motivation for Jihadist activity. Despite the evidence, some of the best minds in our government and academia still cannot come to the same conclusion. So our friends and family are not the only ones who cannot see the forest for the trees.

What is it about Islam that makes it so difficult for a Western educated person to miss the obvious facts about its deceptive techniques and bloody methods? In case nobody noticed, the stated goal of Islam is to make everyone on the planet bow to Allah and Mohammed in submission.

What is life like in the Islamic camp? There is only one Islam, that of the prophet Mohammed and his god Allah. Since all Muslims are taught Mohammed is the Perfect Man because the Holy Book Qur'an says so, and that book is Holy because Mohammed says so, and the Qu'ran itself says it is perfect and unchangeable (6:115 - Perfected is the Word of thy Lord in truth and justice. There is naught that can change His words) the Muslims have no way to discuss the problems of Islam. Unlike Western free speech, the Islamic system is dominated by the literal interpretation of what went before, in the time of Mohammed.

Most Westerners do not comprehend that the price a Muslim pays to leave Islam is the risk of death (Whoever changed his Islamic religion, then kill him - Bukhari 9.84.57). So the absoluteness of Mohammed's example and the dictates of the Qur'an form an intellectual and spiritual cage for the Muslims. This is a cult-like situation, combined with the risk of violent punishment or death at the hands of fellow Muslims should one break the rules.

The threats of violent punishment for deviation from the Sharia keep most Muslims in conformity. At the top of this hierarchy, enforcing medieval tyranny, sit the Imams and Jihadists. These are Mohammed’s generals who guide the Jihadist warriors of Allah. These are the dictators hidden in plain sight, who keep the Muslims under control and focussed on the goal of subjugating the world.

If this sounds like the plot of a crazy, violent video-game, it most certainly could be. Mohammed, the Qur’an and Allah are the programme, Muslims are the players and we, the non-Muslims (Kufar) are the targets.

Islam's ideology rests entirely with its intellectual leaders. These are the 'ulema' (learned ones), the Imams and scholars who graduate from its theological universities. In Islam 'Learned Ones' are usually men who mostly agree that Australia and other Western countries are in fact 'pre-Islamic societies of ignorance' or jahiliyya. The Islamic narrative then kicks in for all Muslims, because Mohammed in his day had to confront jahiliyya in Mecca and later in Medina. So the Islamic narrative directs the Muslims to angle themselves against the 'Modern Ignorance' of our societies in the same way Mohammed did in his day with the Jews, Christians and pagans in Arabia.

This jahiliyya narrative makes perfect sense to the Muslim mind, as it explains their place in the world, their purpose and way of organization. Did you realize that Muslims are taught that they are superior to non-Muslims. Their belief persists despite all the evidence of stagnation, ignorance, lack of critical thinking, and poverty of mind and spirit in Islamic culture. This situation demonstrates what psychologists call the Dunning-Kruger effect: a cognitive bias in which low-ability individuals suffer from illusory superiority , mistakenly assessing their ability as much higher than it really is.

Most important for our understanding is the fact that the leading Islamic thinkers of the last half-century or so, including Qutb, Siddiqi, Maududi, Zawahiri, Safi and other strategists, updated Mohammed’s blueprint of conquest to meet modern requirements. They re-packaged the faith, hopes and desires of the Muslims within an aggressive, expansionist re-statement of Mohammed’s project. The framework they used is that of the revolutionary Marxists, the contents are pure Sharia and Jihad and the enemy target is Western Civilization.

Just as Henry Ford took the automobile technology and organized it under the assembly line method, and through his system efficiency brought massive change, in a similar way these systematizers of Islam have upgraded its power. They have re-organized the components of Mohammed’s expansionist project to match modern circumstances. Their activist ideas form the basis for the Muslim Brotherhood's globalist plan to implement Islamic sovereignty. The method uses multifaceted Jihad, to bring every other society into subjugation under Muslim forces. In order to do this the Brotherhood has trained a strong group of leaders to carry out warlord Mohammed's 6th Century agenda. The culmination of their expansionist process of Islamic imperialism is called the Caliphate.

What we are describing is the Islamic reality and Project, something little understood by the West until now. The Muslim world, its ideology and culture exists as an entity quite separate from the non-Muslim cultures. Mohammed’s project has a 1,400 year history of application and success. There is little doubt that Islam’s aggressive agenda is boosted and funded by trillions of petro-dollars from Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

Next newsletter we will discuss how Islamic leaders are directing the Muslims along the same path Mohammed trod in his campaign to gain control of his world.

Chris Newman, Anzac Day 2017

NOTE: Australia Wake Up is producing these briefings to inform our nation about the history, ideology and empirical reality of Islam. You are welcome to share our educational materials about the goals and tactics of the Islamic project. In reality Islam is political extension of Mohammed’s doctrine of conquest which operates at every level of Muslim existence.

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