Dated:19 May 2017

PART 2 of 4

When we attempt to discuss the menace of Islam with educated Westerners, they inform us from their ignorance. They want us to agree with their idea that Islam consists of many types of people and various beliefs - no different from any other religion.

Behind these statements rests the idea that Islam's peaceful nature has been 'hijacked' by extremists. These "extremists" have the agenda of fundamentalists - just like some Christians - as if there was a moral equivalence between the two groups! Do the facts fit this perspective?

Being armchair experts in these matters, liberals might inform us of the Sufis, or Ahmadiyya, or Indonesia's Subud ("spiritual exercise"), and how these apparently relaxed groups prove that Islam is OK. None of their points however, change the essential facts. The systems developed by Mohammed for conquest through deceit and subversion and the latter day Muslim Brotherhood revival, are operating at full throttle within the Islamic camp. They have already established their presence within our nation. (From the Hadiths: Bukhari 25:269 - The Prophet said, 'War is deceit.')

Following Mohammed's example, the dawah (calling others to Islam) operates through the Milestones process (more on this later). The initial stages are similar to the way of Mecca when Mohammed introduced his teaching in its mildest form, what we might call 'Islam Lite'. The naïve Westerners accept Mohammed's peaceful messages from Mecca because these are taught as the sanitized account of the Prophet's life. The revolutionary and harsher aspects of Islam that he developed in Medina are rarely given to new converts. The doctrine of Jihad, and the violence and brutal punishments for offenders, are introduced only at the final Milestones, once the convert is deeply involved and cannot easily leave.

In Australia, as an introduction to Islam, the Government sponsored the book 'Learning from One Another'. Based on the Meccan "Islam Lite" propaganda, it was widely distributed to schools, churches, libraries and media. The content is fraudulent, as the publication purported to represent the full truth of Islam in terms acceptable to all Australians but it left out the 'nasty' bits.

If there were a Consumer Institute to evaluate religious and political propaganda, it would have to expose 'Learning from One Another' as a misrepresentation because it is an 'inducement' for us to lower our guard and accept something which means us harm.

This piece of Government-funded propaganda deliberately failed to inform Aussies of the full truth of Islam's teachings about Sharia Law and Jihad. These are core teachings which deny the sovereignty of our Constitution and the validity of our Commonwealth. Consequently many who were exposed to 'Learning from One Another' were criminally betrayed by our Government as to the true identity of Islam. They remain deceived and tragically ignorant of Islam's aggressive position on key topics. Last year $1 Billion of taxpayer funds were spent by Canberra in desperate attempts to contain Islamic Jihad. So much for 'Learning from One Another'.

Have no doubt about the sincerity with which Muslims approach their doctrines. The absolutist stance of Islamic superiority plays out through the practices of abrogation, dawah, Sharia, Jihad and related core ideas. Mohammed's supremacist teaching establishes an insurmountable barrier between their culture and ours. Compromise is a short term solution. In the long run this is an 'all or nothing' gambit and Islam's techniques are really effective against an irresolute foe.

In looking at the example of Mohammed, we see that there were early, middle and late Meccan periods of peaceful spirituality before he moved to Medina and instituted active and violent Jihad. So today’s Muslim can pick and choose from the range of Mohammed’s activities, to provide the example most convincing to win over the Westerner – even when he knows that he is citing mild scripture which has been abrogated by later more harsh verses.

The 'Religion of Peace' is a useful example. Muslim spokesmen always cite "good cop" references (from Mecca), never "bad cop" ones (from Medina). Malcolm Turnbull's statements supporting Islam are of the "good cop" category - focusing only on alleged good. His public embrace of 'Islam Lite' is an example of spiritual and cultural illiteracy, personal immaturity and political folly.

To the Muslim mind there is no dishonesty in converting someone to Islam by insisting that military Jihad is not in the teaching. It is a true statement when applied to the peaceful early times in Mecca. Mohammed invented Jihad during his later violent Medina period.

For the rest of this four part series on Islam, I will draw upon Stephen Coughlin's book, 'Catastrophic Failure - Blindfolding America in the face of Jihad'. This encyclopaedic account exposes most aspects of the dangerous dance being played between Islam and the West.

Until a convert's journey along the Milestones process brings him or her to the Medinan stage of development, there is no need to learn about Jihad. The word Jihad does not occur at all in the 64% of the Qu'ran from Mecca; but the Medina Qu'ran is full of it. This we have learned from Mohammed's example and Bill Warner's textual analysis of the Islamic scriptures.

The indoctrination process moves the convert along the Milestones path. Senior Muslims control their narrative as they steadily bring the convert deeper into Mohammed's reality. A literal reading of the stages of Mohammed's revelations shows the path he trod took about 23 years from early Mecca to late Medina. So that timeline sets the Muslim Brotherhood's schedule of advancing into the West and the radicalization of the Muslims world-wide. They are on the march following the example of the Prophet.

From this explanation we begin to realize how everything Muslim and everything Islamic is defined entirely by the framework perfected by Mohammed 1,400 years ago. That is why Islamic scholars, clerics and teachers can form associations and hold conferences condemning "terrorism." They declare terrorist activities to be anti-Islam - in the light of the Qur'an and Sharia.

How are we to interpret Islamic spokesmen’s professed anti-terror stance? According to the Qur'an and Sharia any action against a fellow Muslim is an act of terror. So are spreading mischief, rioting, breach of peace, bloodshed, killing of innocent persons and plundering. According to their scriptures, these are the most inhuman of crimes.

The key to the meaning is found within the Islamic concepts. Their version of 'terrorism' does not include violent activities conducted in the name of Jihad against non-Muslims. In effect the killing of Non-Muslims by Muslims does not meet the Sharia-based legal threshold to qualify as Islamic terrorism. Have you ever heard such a statement on the six o'clock news?

Also the Muslims are forbidden from killing any persons whose killing is forbidden by Islam. There are three categories of Muslims whose killing is permitted by Islam, i.e. murderers, adulterers (women mainly) and apostates. The rest of the Muslims are meant to be permanently out of season. In contrast the Kufar (you and me, who are non-humans in Allah's eyes) are always in season. However we are not to be slaughtered wholesale. The Kufar, or specifically Christians and Jews ('People of the Book'), non-Muslims who come under Islamic power are given the choice of conversion, dhimmitude (second class citizenship for a steep annual tax, the jizyah) or death.

Despite cultural differences e.g. Pakistan and Indonesia exhibit different flavours of Islam, and shades of denomination e.g. Shia and Sunni -, there is only One Islam, One Prophet and One Allah. Islam has one set point, submission to Allah, one tradition codified in the Sharia (although there are several different schools of Islamic law), and one strategy to engage the outside world, Jihad. We the Kufar are Islam's fascination and the Muslims are directed by any and every means possible to subvert and conquer us.

Next newsletter we will discuss how Westerners fail to comprehend the true character of Islam, its ideology and strategy. As a consequence we are losing a war that we could easily win.

Chris Newman May 2017

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