Dated:1 June 2017

PART 3 of 4

What your family and friends may not yet recognize about reports on Islam is the 'double-speak' nature of the language used in the discussion.

Muslim spokesmen (and the occasional woman) always use Islamic terms and slant these for Western consumption, while preserving their original meaning for their Muslim audience. Mohammed used the same tactics. The dumb Western media and political class use their Politically Correct language to paint their world. Consequently their one-eyed analysis cannot identify the Islamic sense of mission and sincerity of purpose. I call that cultural insensitivity by the 'MultiKulturalists'!

This explains why Western leaders constantly mis-read Islamic actions, words, scriptures and history. They are too arrogant to listen and seek the truth of Islam. Over in the Islamic camp they are rallying to the flag of the Caliphate, the vision of a world-wide Islamic Civilization. The plans for conquest are already in place and their activities reveal they are on the move to achieving their objectives.

Islam's Milestones process, as formalized by Muslim Brotherhood strategist Sayyid Qutb in 1964, forms the basis of restoring pure Islam to 20th century Muslims who had backslid into unbelief or hypocrisy. The goal is to replace the jahiliyya (Islamically ignorant) traditions and way of life with the pure, original Islam of Mohammed and the Qur'an.

When Qutb and now his students examine Mohammed's life, they notice how the revelations came in stages, according to the needs of the Islamic community at the time. This explains the necessary doctrine of abrogation, where later verses over-ride the earlier ones in their significance. Mohammed's career development from a peaceful hippy-like creature to a rapacious and successful warlord came over many years, gradually and in stages. Abrogation was the method he used to supersede early peaceful revelations with later war-like ones.

The same path of gradual change is to be followed by all the Muslims, as they are awakened from conditions of jahiliyya and brought into line with authentic Islam. Qutb's genius was in re-defining Mohammed's path as the requirement for all modern Muslims. The Islamic camp have a plan and a method, tried and true which forms the basis of every act of Jihad. Every bombing, every vehicle attack on pedestrians, every act of hostility by a Muslim is their contribution to Jihad. Muslims are quite convinced that Allah approves and rewards his martyrs.

By now I am sure you are catching on to what is happening under our noses. We are witnessing the unfolding of the Milestones process, inside the traditional Muslim world and within the Muslim enclaves positioned inside Australian society.

You and I have figured this out but too many of our fellow Aussies cannot. Their assumptions and prejudices about other cultures blind them to substantial reality. Examples of prejudice that blinds the holder include: globalism, multi-culturalism, socialism, Cultural Marxism, Catholic Social Justice/Liberation theology, Political Correctness, Leftism, pacifism, Western arrogance and complacency, utilitarianism, humanistic scientism and ignorance.

Look at this evidence of (sanitized) Islam's penetration into our public school education system.

The cost of Australia's blindness, just in the Canberra budget is already over $1B of taxpayers' money just to monitor and contain the ever-expanding threat of Islamic terrorism on our shores. Under present management policies the problem can only worsen and the power elites have no effective remedy to a problem they have nurtured under government sponsored multiculturalism.

To illustrate the ignorance of Westerners to Islam in their midst, a few weeks ago, with my family I attended a school fair. Noticeable among the many races and cultures at that event were three Muslim women wearing the niqab (the full body covering with just the slits for the eyes), each with two kids in tow. The women went together, chattering away in their language, seeking bargains from the various clothing stalls.

None of the non-Muslim people saw the 'husband' of this polygamous lot, or even comprehended the strange sight before their eyes. He strode about 10 metres in front of his harem wearing a Western shirt, blue stripes, black businessman's pants, black lace up shoes, a large watch conspicuous on his wrist, fully bearded, with a shock of black hair. I would identify him as an Afghan or Pakistani, most likely living very well of government benefits for his three 'wives' and six kids. What is his status in our Western society? Does this situation belong here? What are their intentions towards us?

The same pattern of Islamic build-up, unheeded and mostly unnoticed by the host population, is multiplying inside our cities. Muslims are gathering into their enclaves in accordance with the Milestones arrangement of Mohammed's ideology. Sharia and Jihad are slowly yet steadily being introduced to Australia through the mosques. A separate and parallel state is being formed on Australian soil, and paid for in a grand way by the Australian taxpayer.  Our leaders are mostly blind to the situation and clearly ignorant of the many ways available to us to combat and defeat this rising danger.

“What is the danger from peaceful Islam?” your friends may ask. They do not recognize that harmless tadpoles quickly grow into toxic cane toads. The simplest answer recognizes that our side has yet to wake up to the fact of a separate, foreign-based and sovereign authority, Islam, gaining power and presence within our Commonwealth. All our Australian (and New Zealand) arrangements are based around the sovereign authority of our nation state. The Sharia dictates that our government and way of life is by definition un-Islamic and it must eventually be replaced by Islam. Is that an acceptable situation to have in our midst?

Everything in our world, from personal freedoms, security, education, economy, political processes, cultural traditions, version of history, music, entertainment, environmental protection and national identity is at risk before the dictates of Sharia. Everything in our world is jahiliyya and we are Kufar (“the vilest of creatures, hated by Allah”) according to Islam's Sharia code and its Jihad enforcement campaign. Everything in our world is meant to be subjugated before the superior truth of Mohammed, the Qur'an, Allah and of course the Muslims.

In case some people fail to understand the magnitude of the Islamic threat, Mohammed's programme has already conquered 56 countries. These nations, submissive to Islam, form the Organization of Islamic Co-operation (OIC), which purports to represent the entire Islamic world and self-identifies as the “Ummah”, the global Islamic community.

Most Westerners haven't noticed that the OIC, in parallel with the United Nations, has issued its own version of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. This is the Cairo declaration of Human Rights in Islam, adopted in August 1990, and its Article 24 says “All the rights and freedoms stipulated in this Declaration are subject to the Islamic Shari'ah.”  So the Cairo Declaration is a Sharia-based document which trumps the UN version, with Islamic values paramount. The only humans Allah accepts are Muslims, the rest of us are Kufar, the lowest of creatures, not worthy of any rights. Human rights under Islam belong solely to Muslims who observe the principles of the Shariah. You can read the text of the Cairo Declaration at:

In the next and final part of this series we will examine some of our options to solve the problem of Islam's demands.

Chris Newman

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