Dated:21 June 2017

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When I confronted a minister who had sold his Christian Church to a mosque group, he declared he had no choice and this was the trend. Presumably we are to act like him, to bow before Islam and scuttle away. What was more remarkable, his ministry includes Harley Davidson motorbikes. So not only does he have no true spirit, and will not fight for his faith, he also has no courage. Before Islam his faith is just puffery.

Many times, the Christian people have been tested by Islam in battle and have prevailed. Study the examples, the Battles of Tours, Lepanto, Malta, Vienna and the 400 year 'reconquista' of Catholic Spain from under Islamic occupation. There have been times when Western forces were beaten, at Jerusalem and in hundreds of savage encounters across Europe. However none of the Western leaders who historically repulsed Islam's might in those times had access to the inside information on Islam that is now available to us.

There are two major considerations in any confrontation where our Civilization's survival is at risk. First is our unity and determination to win and second our ability to defeat the mind of the enemy's leadership. At present the Western side seems to lack the unity and the will to confront the self-declared enemy that is Islam. The Muslim leaders seem to have a very strong ideology which they are successfully applying to reduce our side's confidence. But is that the true state of affairs?

Despite the blindness and stupidity of Western leaders and the sheep-like tendencies of much of our population, who follow them into darkness about Islam, the West has a most resourceful base of independent thinkers and activists who know the score. There remain sufficient 'sheep dogs' among us to figure out the situation and to develop the strategy to defeat the wolves of Islam. How could this defeat of Civilization's ancient enemy come about?

Thanks to modern communications and the best of scholarship, we have learned the following essential points about Islam: its ideology and system of doctrine, its framework of logic, its drivers, its institutions, its key thinkers/ideas, its strategies and its strengths and weak points. Every time the forces of Islam move they expose themselves to thousands of watching Western eyes and the sharp intellects and staunch hearts of these latter day Knights of Valour learn the requirements for victory. Through these thousands of incidents we have learned the patterns, the leadership groups, the organizational methods and the behaviour of the Jihadist forces.

Corresponding to our insights on Islam, we have learned much about the strengths and weaknesses, friends and traitors who exist within the Western camp. That is why I can write this article providing you with an overview of the state of play.

Islam is very vulnerable. Its ideology is based on circular logic and depends entirely on the credibility of Mohammed, the Perfect Man of Islam and their figure of absolute value. Allah, the god of Mohammed is similarly linked into this circular logic as is the Qur'an and the rest of their scriptures, the Hadith and Sira.

Western scholars have put Islam under the analytical microscope and conducted textual analysis on the Qur'an, Hadith and Sira. Dr Bill Warner's work on Political Islam is particularly revealing. When analysed statistically 64% of the Qur'an is concerned with the Kufar (that's us), so much for the claims to pure religion. Using the analysis of scholars such as Dr Warner, Robert Spencer, Raymond Ibrahim, Bat Ye'or, Serge Trifkovic and credible ex-Muslims such as Nonie Darwish, M.A. Khan, Walid Shoebat, Wafa Sultan and others, the true meaning of Islamic doctrine, philosophy, ideology and policy is completely exposed to the light of day.

Learning from our informed analysis of Islam's contents we identify its vulnerable points. The mosque is Islam's operational headquarters and therefore exposed to informed scrutiny. Each mosque provides a surveillance point on Islamic developments and allows us to monitor and locate Islamic activity. Because Australian mosques are misclassified as 'Places of Worship', when in fact they are political centres and the base of foreign sovereignty funded in part by Saudi money, they provide a window into Jihad and expose Islam to legal challenge.

Without revealing too much at this stage, Western activists have discovered the method for eliminating the authority of Mohammed, Allah and the Qur'an, with reference to Islam's core teachings. This powerful educational weapon destroys the Islamic programming inside the Muslim mind, replaces it with the Golden Rule and the de-radicalized Muslims exit Islam to become normal people and supportive citizens, after all the price to depart Islam is risk of murder by other Muslims.

The sovereign nature of Islam is evident through documents of OIS and the Islamic Constitution of countries such as Saudi Arabia. The Constitutional argument that Islam is a non-Australian foreign sovereign organization is compelling. Eventually this line of legal attack will provide the Government and bureaucrats with an escape from the difficult multicultural predicament they have created for themselves. They will be forced to declare Islam as a political organization and then it will be open season on Islam for those Western leaders who truly represent the people's best interests.

Within the Muslim camp there are many divisions. These are temporarily covered by the Muslim Brotherhood ideology but just as disunity existed in Mohammed's time, so too now. His legacy from its earliest days is characterized by fratricidal in-fighting, this self-destructive aspect will never fade from Islam, despite the propaganda. Our political experts will learn how to exploit factionalism to weaken and undermine the Islamic cause, thereby reducing its ability to harm our Civilization.

The historical fact of mass Islamic migration into Europe under the banner of multiculturalism, sooner or later will flash into hot warfare in the streets between Muslim and Kufar. In this case the Kufar are the actual indigenous people of those countries. They will be fighting for their very survival as a people. This compelling situation with Europe's Muslims will boomerang to affect the status and behaviour of Australia's Muslims.” Are the Muslims for us or against us?” will be the unavoidable confrontation The Islamic reaction will bring Australia to a confrontation at an earlier ‘Milestone' than Europe, thereby giving us more options for directing the strife and defeating Islam on our soil.

The only acceptable outcome to the fact of Islamic Sharia and Jihad in our country in the long run for Australians and their families will be, "Islam came here to die!"

Australia Wake Up represents the interests of all Australians who accept the sovereignty of our Constitution and who thereby constitute the government of this Commonwealth. (The same principles apply to the New Zealanders who unknowingly face a similar Islamic threat.) Accordingly' we can never accept Islam with its separatist and supremacist claims to sovereignty over us, our soil and our nation's birth right as free men and women.

Only patriots, family-centred people, the morally sane and those who truly understand history are with us at this stage of the awakening of the West. But those numbers are all we need to act as the unmoveable pivot, to turn our Civilization back to health. Our vision is for a free society that takes responsibility for its destiny and a healthy, happy future for its children.

Chris Newman

Anzac Day 2017

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