Dated:6 September 2017

Dear friends and members of Australia Wake Up, what follows below is a press release sent out recently on behalf of Australia's only successful de-radicalisation program developed to help change the thinking of Muslims who have questions about their radical Islamic beliefs.

We sent this announcement to about twenty prominent media personalities and received no response. We will persist with this project and support its growth to the industrial level required for national security.

You are invited to print the press release and circulate it to your MP and newspaper editors demanding action to protect Australia from Jihadist's plans by de-radicalising them and their supporters. The Five Steps to Freedom option really works, costs much less and is a long term solution. It is far preferable to the present taxpayer-funded spying on Muslims and Armed Offenders Squad call out when the Jihadists strike the innocent with bullets, bombs or vehicles to terrorise everyone.

This promotion of effective de-radicalisation is one example of our activities. There are many projects underway where we contribute with lobbying, research, petitions, briefings, behind the scenes planning and operations, matters we don't mention in public.

Progress with counter-jihad activity and undermining political correctness is slow but steady. The learning and evaluation is constant. Our progress goes further than government professionals have gone in the quest to support national security. The work entails researching, analysing and developing responses to the imminent problems of Islam and offering solutions to the Western blindness to the threat, so euphemistically labelled 'Violent Extremism' by Barack Obama.

The fact that our solutions are not heeded by the Establishment is no deterrent to our operations. This game is about endurance, persistence, truthfulness and steadily building the support base among the Aussies. We can turn the tide of defeatist politics, appeasement, wrong-headed multiculturalism and cowardice by taking a firm stand in defence of our Constitution and way of life. Already you have joined us and every week more are seeing what is required to save the nation from destruction.

Thanks for your understanding.

As you read the press release consider how much time it takes to identify, locate and communicate with these bureaucrats entrusted with national security. Then consider the frustration after months of work meeting their interest levels and preparing a report which corresponds with their requirements for content, layout etc., and getting the 'bum's rush' because they already have an ineffectual Muslim-sponsored program for which they are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars.

We are more determined than ever to succeed. Fortunately there are a few good people inside the system who provide assistance and we keep learning more as we progress along this path.

Your support and willingness to stay connected with the Australia Wake Up project and team is gratefully appreciated. Here follows the press release.


Successful De-Radicalisation of At-risk Muslims the Aussie way - but Government is in Denial.

Sydney, NSW, Australia; 08/08/2017

Just a few days ago, a story broke in the mainstream press about Pastor Keith Piper of Sydney and his Liberty Baptist Church. The story was picked up by the Daily Mail, Russia Today, The Guardian and SBS. Here are the links:

As commonly happens, those media outlets missed the big story. So, what was all the fuss about?

Pastor Keith Piper has accomplished something done by no one else in history. He has found the Holy Grail of Islamic de-radicalisation. Through painstaking research and application, Pastor Keith developed a program which convinces radical Muslims to abandon the senseless violence of their ideology, and to peacefully join the rest of humanity.

After a decade of delivering this program called Five Steps to Freedom, Pastor Keith has fine-tuned it so that after just five hours in the program an individual or group of Muslims will reject Jihadist ideology entirely. Not a single graduate has ever returned to violence or Jihad.

Since 2008, almost 2,000 Australian Muslims have successfully been de-radicalized this way. Through referrals from happy customers, the number of program applicants steadily increases. To Pastor Keith's knowledge, no other country has a successful de-radicalisation program to match his results.

For the Five Steps to Freedom program to address Australia's deteriorating security situation it requires Government backing. The wider community desperately needs a proven program to restore community safety to pre-Jihad levels. This could save countless lives and billions of dollars now being spent to monitor the increasing number of Islamic radicals in our cities. The program has the potential to revolutionise the world of counter-terrorism.


Pastor Keith has developed a completely new paradigm. His team have been energetically pressuring Government leaders to recognise and adopt the Five Steps to Freedom program. The truthfulness of these claims was investigated and verified by a Federal Senator and his staff in November 2016.

Despite Keith Piper's strenuous efforts since late 2016 to catch the interest of key Government officials, the program is being ignored. The question is, 'why?'

All the appropriate information about Five Steps to Freedom was supplied to the NSW Minister of Counter Terrorism, and to the Federal Minister for Counter Terrorism. Their departments have ignored multiple approaches through phone calls, e-mails and intermediaries requesting a face to face meeting to discuss adopting the program.

A full program application was submitted to the NSW Correction Services, offering to de-radicalize prisoners. This application was rejected by staff including the Director of State Wide Programs Corrective Services.

Corrective Services informed Keith Piper that they could see no evidence of the program having sound independent empirical support for its effectiveness. Program graduates now number nearly two thousand documented, de-radicalised Ex-Muslims. They would constitute a significant body of proof in any Court!

Corrective Services also consider this program would conflict with the current strategies their organisation is implementing for Jihadist offenders. However they provided no details of this alleged conflict.

The Five Steps program was also offered to the NSW Juvenile Justice, Detention Service. They rejected it even though their officers are terrified of violence from radicalised youth in their care.

These negative responses immediately raise a number of questions.

Firstly; 'does the current strategy being pursued by Corrective Services have evidence of sound independent empirical support for its effectiveness?'

Most likely the answer would be "no." All the officially sanctioned and funded de-radicalisation efforts have not delivered any significant results to reduce the problem, despite the spending of millions of dollars.

Secondly, 'what is the Government strategy to defeat extremist Jihad ideology?' The national security situation is deteriorating, not improving, despite Government policies and rhetoric.

Thirdly, 'What is the spend per radicalised Muslim just to spy on them in anticipation of a terrorist act, and watch them recruit even more members?' Taking notes won't solve the problem. Pastor Keith's program can permanently solve the problem for a fraction of the ballooning budget spent on 'cloak and dagger' surveillance of grumpy Muslims.


Corrections Services staff were invited to attend the program and to verify the process for themselves. As yet, they have declined to do so. They have also been invited to meet with de-radicalized graduates of the program who are now living happy and productive lives, assimilated into the wider community. Again, they have declined to do so.

This situation of denial of the evidence and facts of de-radicalisation is a national outrage. The Australian people are under constant threat from radical Jihadists attempting to bring down civilian airliners and attack major sporting venues.

Many Jihadist plots are foiled by authorities - but every so often they succeed as in the Man Monis Lindt Cafe siege. The cost of Counter Terrorism/Counter Jihad runs to the billions of dollars, whilst the social costs to the community plus the lives already lost and ruined goes beyond estimation.

Pastor Keith's course can turn around an extremist Jihadi in just five hours and at a fraction of the cost the Australian security agencies spend spying on these people. Surely the authorities have nothing to lose by running a pilot program?

Jails are significant hubs for extremist activities where ISIS and other Jihadist recruiters find many new members. This situation presents a golden opportunity to trial innovative methods to confront and defeat the problems of extremism and Jihadist recruitment.

The prison service has access to radicalised Muslims. They can engage with a Five Steps to Freedom pilot program to review its performance.

With proof of effective application in a pilot prison trial, it is a short step for the program to be offered to de-radicalise most of the Jihadist inmates in NSW prisons. Assuming the success of the NSW experience, the Five Steps to Freedom program could then be applied wherever national security is threatened by advocates of extremist Jihad ideology

The Five Steps team calls on the authorities and community leaders to support our initiative and to pressure the Government to trial this program.

Five Steps to Freedom is a home-grown Australian de-radicalisation program which since 2008 has de-radicalised nearly 2,000 people from their associations with Jihadist culture and ideology. These people are now assimilated within Australian society.

Please contact us with your questions. We can provide a briefing and an executive overview of the program. For those of sincere interest an introduction is available to meet with de-radicalised Ex-Muslims who are graduates of the Five Steps to Freedom program.

For information and/or appointments to learn more, please contact:

Mr Chris Newman, Education Officer, Five Steps to Freedom.
Mobile: +64221933980
Office: +6496003007
Postal: 188 Purchase Rd, Cherrybrook, NSW 2126

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