Dated:25 November 2017

In recent months our hard work has been paying off. Thanks to your support we have had sufficient funds on hand to cover expenses but have drawn down our reserves to fund activities. Here are a few advances made on your behalf and on behalf of freedom-loving Aussies and Kiwis:

We have drawn up a document which we have called, "The Declaration of Peaceful Intent." This was finalised and then offered to a leading Muslims to sign. Mr Ali Kadri, spokesman for the Queensland Islamic Council, refused to sign on the grounds that his life would be in danger if hard-line Muslims found out. This occurred in a meeting with Auswup representatives Harry Richardson and Rod Shaw.

Please take the time to view this video, then share it on social media or wherever possible.

The declaration is a ground-breaking weapon in the fight against radical Muslims. It clearly distinguishes those Muslims who believe that the commands in the Koran to kill non-believers are relevant today. How many Muslims believe this? So far, we have tried only one and had a 100% strike rate. This particular Muslim works for the Queensland Government in its highest policy forums. We will be looking for ways to use and promote this document far more in the near future to embarrass and expose those Muslims in positions of power in our community.

In order to support this foray into video, we had to purchase video editing software for about $300. Expect to see more of these YouTube videos as we progress.

The preparations to introduce our de-radicalisation project are advancing. Chris Newman is working with Pastor Keith Piper to get the voluntary de-radicalisation of Muslims into the mainstream. This work continues in NSW and plans are afoot for Queensland. Our challenge is to make a politician see common-sense. Once we overcome their resistance, they can learn the benefits of the program and consider the personal drawbacks of not introducing it. We had an opportunity to fly Chris into Sydney to lobby the Minister and other politicians directly. He was billeted for four days by friends to keep costs to a minimum. However, airfares and transport had to be paid for by your generous funding.

As a consequence of lobbying inside the NSW parliament we now have a clear understanding of the obstacles and objections which we must overcome to get the de-radicalisation program into the prisons. None of these objections are real, all of them are imaginary.

What the politicians seem to overlook is the likely human cost of another Jihadist attack. This will be particularly infuriating if the Jihadist is an ex-prisoner who was radicalised while in prison. The public have the right to be protected from Islamic terrorism.

Our de-radicalisation program offers to significantly reduce the risk of radicalisation in the prisons. It is already proven and field-tested by Pastor Keith Piper's work. His program has been running successfully for over 10 years. He has brought over 1,900 Muslims out of Sharia and Jihad (some were mild cases, other fervent adherents).

We will need Chris back in Sydney for more lobbying. This is the only way to get de-radicalisation onto the political agenda and implemented in the system.

We do all this work without pay, while the politicians and their associates collect big salaries whilst underperforming in their duty of care to the people. Meanwhile, the Jihadists enjoy funding from generous Islamic nations.

This year, we have had many other successes in advancing our strategy. Here are just a few of them:

Harry Richardson's petition, which many of you signed, has been responded to by a Federal Minister. In doing so, the Minister was forced to lie (by stunning and blatant omission) to cover up for Islam. The Minister referenced the Australian High Court decision of 1983 for a definition of religion. This ruling excludes much of Islam's Sharia and all of its Jihad from protection under Australian Law. It gives us a foundation for challenging Council Planning Department decisions especially on mosque approvals. We will also soon be challenging the Minister with an open letter in the Pickering Post.

We have also been actively supporting Keith Piper's de-radicalisation program. This effectively digs out Islam root and branch from the Muslim mind and replaces it with positive Christian-based values, so the Ex-Muslims can join Aussie society with a happy heart. Finally, we have a a system which is capable of defeating Islamic ideology. This has world-wide potential and already is working in the Philippines and India.

We are currently attempting to incorporate the Ex-Muslim Council of Australia. Once again, we have faced Government rejection of our strategy on spurious grounds. The Government claims that the title, "Ex-Muslim Council of Australia" is divisive. We do not know where they get their opinions from or on what authority they make this claim. This body is however, already functioning as an informal organisation. If you are interested in learning more, please contact us. Ex-Muslims have a voice which has yet to be heard. This is a voice which defeats the Leftist and multi-cultural narrative describing Islam as an oppressed minority.

Our outreach to One Nation and Australian Conservatives, Christian Democrat Party and LNP continues. We have developed valuable connections with significant people in each of these organisations. We continue to provide them with briefings and information on the Culture Wars, Counter Jihad and Australian identity.

This month many of our members and supporters have leaped into action to help with the Queensland election. There are many stories about the behind-the-scenes action. A special vote of thanks to Ron and Raewyn Hutchins and their team who have given the cause of freedom a tremendous lift.

Finally, a request. All our activities have an expense component. Your generous support has helped us advance this far. However, funding has faded away to a trickle. Most of what we do is done on a volunteer basis. Unfortunately, we do not have the means to do a fraction of what we are capable. If you are not currently making a regular donation we ask that you consider doing so.

A contribution of $50.00 for the year would represent just $1.00 per week. If all of our members made such a small contribution, it would light a rocket under our programs. Our nation is poised on a knife edge and we are making a huge difference. Consider a cash donation as a Christmas present to your children and grandchildren and all the future generations of Australians who will enjoy the freedoms we inherited.

Your generosity will give us the means to advance directly with the strategic plan which underlies the work reported above. Please click on the link below to donate what you can afford.

Many thanks for your interest, support and generous financial contributions.

Best regards,

The Team at Australia Wake Up; Chris, Harry, David, Sam, Brendan, DavidC

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