Dated:11 December 2017

Recently SBS Television aired a three-part TV series titled The Mosque Next Door. This was advertised as an 'inside look' at the functions of your friendly neighbourhood mosque. The goal was to show 'Australians' that there was absolutely nothing to fear from Muslims. Cameras followed the daily events in the lives of Imam Uzair Akbar along with the mosque president Ali Kadri and others who are affiliated with the mosque itself in some capacity.

We would like to note that SBS is funded by the Australian taxpayers thanks to lobbying from ethnic groups. If Australia were to miraculously return to a homogenous racial and cultural society then the people working at SBS would be obliged to find alternative employment. It is hardly surprising then, that SBS seems at times to be acting as the propaganda arm for the Government's multicultural agenda. As SBS continue to be a lobbying arm for multiculturalism in our nation we would encourage you to write to your local MP and protest about these kinds of counter-Australian culture programs. We would also encourage people to help us with this very plight through the donate option on our web site. Every dollar to aid our plight is gratefully received and helps fund our continued activities. It makes a huge difference when facing costs for time and resources to pour into the future of our nation.

They have enormous funds to devote to projects such as this one, which present an almost entirely one-sided view to Australian audiences.

The series featured the mosque in Holland Park, a suburb of Brisbane in Queensland. This is the oldest mosque on the East Coast of Australia.

The main thrust of the series was that Islam is not a problem. The people and scenarios presented show a moderate and dedicated group of fellow-Australians in their version of multicultural life, under the Australian sun.

We feel obligated to shed some further light on some of the main featured points presented in the show. We have already seen the mosque's president, Ali Kadri, flatly refuse to sign the Declaration of Peaceful Intent [YouTube video here]

The Declaration was personally presented to him by our own Harry Richardson and Rod Shaw. With this in mind, let us review the TV series to help have an even clearer picture than the one presented.

At the start and throughout the three episodes Pauline Hanson's speeches and calls for a ban on Islamic immigration were featured. The series went out of its way to show that all this islamophobia was unjustified and incorrectly engendered by would-be scare mongers who were ignorant of the true Islam.

The series presented an older woman of indigenous Australian heritage who converted to Islam some years ago. She was very proud to say that when Pauline Hanson says to, "Go back to where you came from," that she would be sent back to the Aboriginal communities in far North Australia. It also showed that she encountered some opposition to her choice of 'religion' by her family. One family member in particular was quite vocal on her perception of Islam 'taking over' our country. To this she explained on camera that we just "agreed to disagree".

In presenting an Aboriginal woman, the show suggests that perhaps even our 'first nation' citizens embrace Islam? But there could be an ulterior motive to this. Recently, Muslims have been claiming that they were here before the British settlers. This is supposedly based on some unsubstantiated interactions between the Muslims in Indonesia and the Aboriginal tribes of the far Northern parts of Australia.

While it is possible there may have been some interaction, there are no written records and no copies of the Koran were already here, clasped in the hands of our indigenous peoples. The fact that the settlers were not attacked and driven off by Islamic 'defenders' shouting "allahu akbar", tends to cast some doubt on this Islamic claim. When the early pioneers came to Australia they encountered a nomadic people who were steeped in their legends of the Dreamtime and tribal ways.

The series went on to demonstrate the dedicated life a Muslim must follow by praying five times a day. Their imam Uzair is shown stating that he is an 'Aussie' who eats meat pies and likes to play cricket. He even attended one of our test cricket matches draped in an Australian flag. Uzair also spent time talking to non-Muslim private school students on tours of the mosque as part of the 'open doors' agenda.

To push this 'we are Australian' focus for the TV series, for the first time in the mosque's history, it was going to fly the Australian, Queensland and Indigenous flags.

What the series failed to mention were the Muslims who have acted as if they are Muslims first and foremost. According to them, their country of dwelling, particularly if not run by political Islam (let us never forget that Islam is a political ethos with religious aspects), requires no allegiance with the kafir (a derogatory term for non-Muslim). The media stories of Muslims refusing to stand for our judges in Australian court rooms and Muslims refusing to take part in singing the national anthem stick in one's mind here.

The series mentioned that Muslims follow sharia, which they compare as being the same practice as anyone who follows any other belief system code or teaching. Imam Uzair instructs his members to never be unkind to non-Muslims as they are 'people' just like them. Again, there is the claim that they coexist with non-Muslims in peace and harmony.

There is no discussion on the actual teaching in the Koran. This teaches that the kafir are a 'godless' people and worthy of the Islamic hell-fire - who can be subdued and killed. It is not mentioned that the Koran specifically instructs Muslims to never take non-Muslims (that being the kafir) as friends.

Something else not mentioned is the Islamic practice of taqiyya. This is the right of a Muslim to lie to or deceive others without being held accountable by Allah, providing their 'deception' is to further the cause of Islam.

Imam Uzair states that Muslims are walking on eggshells because of what the jihadists are doing. He tells us that the Jihadists are giving Muslims a bad reputation and says that these Islamic extremists have interpreted the Koran incorrectly.

There are random attacks all over the world being carried out by Muslims in the name of Islam. These are mostly aimed at innocent civilians just going about their daily lives such as the horrific car attacks in Melbourne. You might think therefore that it is the non-Muslims who are walking on eggshells.

One must remember that the Koran was not written by great scholarly minds who hashed out in vigorous debate the texts that should be passed onto future generations. The Islamic texts are filled with hateful decrees by their founder who acted as a warlord. These plain texts are the same texts that all Muslims read. As an example, the following three verses, perfectly translated into English, are exactly the same when translated into every language and in simply reading them there is no misinterpretation:

2:191 And slay them wherever you come upon them
2:216 Jihad (holy fighting in Allah's Cause) is ordained for you (Muslims)
3:28 Let not believers take disbelievers as allies rather than believers.
47:4 When you meet the unbelievers, smite their necks

Although not presented in chronological order, the Koran is not like some mysteriously coded text, like the Quatraims of Nostradamus, that must be somehow deciphered by great philosophical minds or like scientists deciphering the codes broadcast by some enigma machine. The Prophet's words and decrees are simple words and statements. All Muslims must adhere to these in order to follow Islam.

At one point an Australian man named Jason was shown in the series. Jason is a blogger who is critical of Islam. He was invited to one of the mosque open days so he could see for himself that Muslims meant no harm. Based on what he saw, on camera, he admitted he saw nothing bad with the people themselves.

The women's prayer room, which is in a separate basement part of the mosque, was perhaps the only point of contention raised with the mosques running. The women's prayer room was a cramped and very neglected room in the building, and the older Muslim women were seen to be voicing their unhappiness with the imam. Ali Kadri said they don't focus too much on women attending the mosque as women often have to care for the homes and children.

One younger Muslim woman did make a statement that stuck out with regards to the dress code for Muslim women, she said she wore her hijab as a political statement.

The only conclusion one can draw from this particular issue is that women continue to be second-class citizens under political Islam.

One of the main characters throughout the TV series was a former bikie, now youth worker, who converted to Islam in jail. He advocates for Islamic outreach programs be adopted within the jail system to convert more 'lost' and directionless men trapped in a life of crime to embrace Islam.

Australia Wake Up has supported a very successful program to try and actually reach the would-be jihadists in prison but to date, this proven program has been shunned by Australian authorities. Based on what the Koran commands its followers to do, giving such a violent ethos to someone already in a very violent world risks more potential harm to other Aussies.

The series included a big promotion on the benefits of halal food. They even gave away free halal snacks outside a Logan shopping centre to help promote halal and Islam.

There was no discussion on how funds from halal certification, essentially an Islamic tax or fee placed on our domestic non-export food market by companies, are used in the mosques or Islamic schools. This hidden scheme that funds Islam through our everyday shopping dollar was not discussed. Some people who were presented with the halal snack packs refused to accept them however, even though they were free. So, it is hoped that more Australians are waking up to this hidden rort.

Another key story was a cabbie from Afghanistan who was reported to have made some political statements about Islam and the Taliban - he had been reported by concerned passengers. The story followed his plight in which he was eventually taken off the watch list. Fortunately for him, he was able to demonstrate to authorities, with the support of the imam and Ali Kadri, that his statements were not harmful or threatening.

Naturally the cameras were not allowed to film the meetings with Australian security authorities but whatever arguments were presented, persuaded them that the cabbie was not a threat. The imam later joked to people at the mosque not to make political statements to non-Muslims - and so the whole issue was down-played.

Having watched the series, but actually having taken time to learn more about the Islamic belief system and its history, we remain unconvinced of the misunderstood, victimised, shunned and 'dinky-di Aussie' stories presented.

As we have seen in places like Lebanon, Syria and Egypt, while political Islam lacks power, there is a somewhat subdued coexistence between Muslims and non-Muslims. There are many examples however, of countries where Islam is politically powerful and other religious minorities are brutally oppressed.

Many thousands of innocent people continue to die at the hand of jihadists throughout the world. While this situation continues, it is not surprising that there is a lack of trust of the followers of political Islam. Meanwhile, a recent poll in the UK found that 60% of Muslims would refuse to oust the killers among them.

The show implied that Muslims continue to be the real victims of the conduct of their fellow Muslims. However, while prominent Muslims continue to make recalcitrant comments about women in general, insult the memory of our fallen who died for our nation and refuse to respect our laws and our legal system, it will be difficult for other Australians to trust them and The Mosque Next Door will struggle to find a traditional Aussie welcome in any suburb.

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