Dated:10 March 2018
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When Government Ministers deny the truth, does anybody hear them? We have recordings and documents which capture a prominent politician's recent deliberate deception. It is vile for a politician to betray the people's trust. They elected him to do a good job and tell the truth. In this case lives are at stake.

The New South Wales Minister of both Counter Terrorism and Corrections has a double-duty to tell the truth. The Minister's job is to defeat the Jihadis running wild and stamp out the proliferation of Jihad in the prison population. Jihadists have declared their intention publicly to destroy our society. The fact that they are here at all represents a massive failure of Government policy already. Under Minister David Elliott Australia is losing ground on both fronts. His prisons are becoming Jihad recruitment bases, and the numbers of mosque-based Jihadists is steadily increasing.

Readers of Australia Wake Up understand the political issues around Jihad. Once they read the Minister's interview below they will see how he arranges his words to deny the truth.

Sydney's radio 2GB with the popular Ben Fordham interviewed Minister Elliott on 7th February. Here are his quotes in italics, selected from the transcript:

"These people (teenage wannabe Jihadists) are very disengaged with society - being radicalised over a very short period of time - through perverse religious leaders who don't understand their religion - but they're also coming from the Extreme Right..."

"They're not the type of people that play soccer with your son and - so we have to make sure we are honest and open and frank about the fact that they've got a very strange approach to the way that human life is valued.."

"I've got no evidence that anywhere in the world....of experience where de-radicalisation is working en masse."

Every point in Minister Elliott's declarations above is demonstrably false.

Freedom and Heritage members are working behind the scenes, with a Sydney-based de-radicalisation team, which over 10 years has converted 2,000 Muslims into Ex-Muslims. The majority of these people once supported Jihad in one form or another. Now these people are totally opposed to Islam's political, military, social and spiritual strategies. They identify with our society, and want to protect Australia, especially since under Sharia Law each Ex-Muslim has a death warrant for being an apostate from Islam.

Minister Elliottt has been contacted four times since July 2017 by Australia Wake Up members acting as representatives of these Ex-Muslims. We made approaches to inform him of the 'de-radicalisation en masse' occurring in his back yard. Each time he has pushed aside our polite requests for a meeting. Our recent approach in February 2018 was through the Hon. Fred Nile, the most senior parliamentarian in NSW. Minister Elliottt hasn't yet bothered to check out the fact of 2,000 Ex-Muslims in his town who know the truth of Islam and Jihad recruitment.

On radio 2GB Minister Elliott admits the problem is worsening and intensifying, for he admitted the facts:

"Not only do we have terrorists out in the Middle East but there's actually teenagers here who want to do the same things....

And then in his next sentence he made a blatantly untrue assertion:

"....And we've honestly faced that, to find policy that hasn't been tested anywhere else in the world, addressing it."

Australia Wake Up has representation on the newly formed Ex-Muslim Council of Australia which addresses de-radicalisation of Jihadists. This Sydney-based group is determined to confront David Elliott with the facts about Jihad, its drivers and how to combat it. His intransigence risks Ex-Muslim lives.

The necessary way to upgrade security is to insert de-radicalisation teams staffed by trained Ex-Muslims into the prisons. The police and military will also require retraining out of their present appeasement policies and practices and into our proven de-radicalisation techniques. The existing practice of using Muslim "deradicalisers" is patently not working - and anyone literate in Islamic doctrine and history would not expect otherwise.

The stronger Islam grows in Australia, the greater likelihood that Ex-Muslims will become targets of Muslim violence, for Islam's apostasy laws (Sharia) instruct Muslims to kill apostates. We have details of recent Muslim attacks on Ex-Muslims in Sydney.

Perhaps Minister Elliottt doesn't care that his refusal to look at a proven genuine deradicalisation program could lead to murder of Ex-Muslims? Certainly he doesn't understand Islam, yet his job demands that he do so. Would you go to a doctor who didn't understand that bacteria cause infection? Well David Elliottt's interview with 2GB exposes his lack of understanding of the Islamic cause of Jihad problems. Islam's texts are 70 per cent political in focus. The 109 verses of violence in the Koran command Muslims to kill or maim non-Muslims. Their doctrines contain the drivers of jihadist homicidal violence. To identify Islam's key issues is done simply by reading their core texts on the topics of Jihad, Apostasy, Kafir, crime and punishment.

Our plans include direct cooperation with the Ex-Muslim Council, to get the Minister's attention. Then we need to encourage the Minister to open the door to permit proven de-radicalisation programs to roll out in his prisons and security organisations. This is the essential first step to turn back the hostile tide of Islamic supremacism and violence.

The Ex-Muslims are starting to learn how their unique contribution can make Australia a safer place. Islam has plans for us. To defeat these is going to take extraordinary dedication, for the enemy is deeply motivated. Through the support of the agents of Political Correctness, Islamic influence is solidly embedded in all our levels of government, including the Counter Terrorism organs at both state and federal level.

Your support and donations made it possible for Australia Wake Up to finance the Ex-Muslim Council and our program to wake up hopelessly underperforming public officials. The campaign is ongoing, and we ask you to maintain the donations which make possible real progress through our volunteer team.

The Team at Australia Wake Up; Chris, Harry, David, Sam, Brendan, DavidC

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