Dated:15 April 2018
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Many of you will be familiar with the multitude of Mosque applications around Australia. Mostly these have been approved by councils, often riding over vociferous objections by local residents. Australia Wake Up has been behind many objections and movements to challenge mosque expansion, particularly in Logan and on the Southside of Brisbane.

Some of our members created a petition with a remarkable 6500+ signatures objecting to a major mosque application in Slacks Creek, Logan City. Our well-founded objections met with point blank refusals to reconsider permitting this mosque, particularly from Logan City Councillors.

While we had our suspicions about the reasons for the rejection, we had no proof, until now, of who has influenced Council and how they did it.

Australia Wake Up researchers have uncovered a transcript from June 2017 of the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission hearing into corruption in Logan. At this hearing, under oath, a Muslim builder admitted to giving the current Mayor of Logan, Luke Smith, tens of thousands of dollars on multiple occasions. This was done illegally. Smith hid these payments from public disclosure.

Mayor Smith is currently under investigation for irregular/corrupt dealings with Chinese real estate interests in Logan. However, no one in the mainstream media has made the connection between Mayor Smith's receiving money from Islamic sources, his Council's approval of mosques, and the Council's offhand dismissal of community objections to mosques.

Australia Wake Up considers that the Corruption Commission's exposure of corruption in Logan linked to mosque approvals is a significant development. We intend to bring this to the attention of politicians and the media. We believe that this kind of corruption has occurred in other situations involving mosque applications, secret gifts of money and Australian City Councillors approving despite resident's objections.

The following report by our team explains the situation in more detail. We have included a link to the transcript of the corruption hearing:

CCC Transcript of KASSEN ISSA - Luke Smith

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Much of our work here at Australia Wake Up involves lobbying and attempting to educate politicians on their duty of care for our community safety. Because elected officials are afraid of the truth (especially when this is not palatable to the multiculturalist ideology), it is unfortunate that some of our work cannot be publicised. That's the political tightrope we walk when our business unearths the truth and presents the facts on real issues. We have to operate in the ludicrous situation where those politicians who want to do the right thing for our nation are afraid of people finding out (and criticising them for not being politically correct), and the ones who do the dumbest things get away with their folly.

Logan City, bordering on the outer southeast of Brisbane, is a special example of our work to protect communities from Islamic colonisation. For the past five years we have lobbied Councillors in Logan and also Brisbane City about the dangerous invasion of Salafist (fundamentalist) elements from Sydney's Islamic 'no-go' area of Lakemba. Fundamentalist Muslim leaders want a foothold in Queensland to expand Islam's control in Australia. Logan is that foothold, particularly its lower socio-demographic areas which are far removed from upsetting the neighbourhoods of the wealthy elites who run the political machinery of the city.

The overflow from Sydney's expanding Muslim population is being directed by Imams into strategic areas of Logan. Their plan is for long term demographic consolidation into Muslim-only areas. The future Queensland 'Lakemba' no-go area is evident in the increasing concentration of Muslims around pioneer mosques situated in the Kuraby, Slacks Creek and Marsden neighbourhoods. Those once-peaceful Australian communities are being overrun by a concentrated influx of Muslims, whose core ideology is not compatible with the original residents. We can see this trend through the proliferation of mosques, Islam-based businesses and ghettoization of the area. Underwood has become particularly Islamised in recent years.

The following map we prepared for a public meeting in Logan over two years ago illustrates how this area of the southside Brisbane and Logan is being colonized.

In recent years we met frequently with Logan's Councillors and warned them of the Islamic-initiated demographic changes heading their way. We held well-attended public meetings, made press releases, wrote submissions to Council, lobbied Councillors and wrote letters to community leaders. Two of our members, heroically raised a petition which collected in excess of 6,500 signatures from Logan residents opposed to mosques in their neighbourhoods. Obviously, the citizens of Logan don't want a large Islamic influx.

Among the first Councillors we approached were Luke Smith and Steve Swenson. At first Luke and Steve were reasonably receptive to our information, based on the example of the Muslim influx into Sydney and similar reports from the UK and France. We educated them and other Councillors with copies of Harry Richardson's best-seller 'The Story of Mohammed' so they would understand Islam's inherent problems.

Luke Smith together with Steve Swenson consented to present the residents' petition to the Council. Luke seemed willing to openly discuss the problems of Islam with his fellow Councillors. On the strength of Luke's response to the people's concerns, we gave his 2016 mayoral campaign our support.

Eventually Luke was elected as Mayor of Logan and our support helped his rise. However things soon began to change. We noticed how Luke cooled towards our concerns for Logan's safety under the impact of the Muslim influx from Sydney and overseas. It seemed Luke was developing a vision for Logan different from his election promises. Evidence of how and why Mayor Luke changed his tune is now available to us.

At a public hearing in 2017, Kassen Issa, a Muslim small businessman admitted to handing Luke Smith unmarked envelopes containing tens of thousands of dollars on multiple occasions. This hearing has not been reported in the media but Australia Wake Up intends to publicise this information to the nation.

Let us return to the matter of mosques controlled by radical Imams (Muslim clerics) who preach and teach Salafist (hard-core) Islam. In 2014 we informed Luke Smith and Logan Council of the arrival of hard-liner Akram Buksh, from Sydney. As Imam of the mosque at Queens Road, Slacks Creek. Buksh's avowed Salafism should be a matter of public concern. Akram Buksh's mosque was the focus of 6,500 residents' objections in the petition previously presented to Council. So there were grounds for conducting a full scale Social Impact Assessment of mosques in Logan, to identify the real issues affecting all residents.

In late 2015 our allies at Safe Communities sponsored a study of the literature on mosque impacts in Australia. This report prepared by Dr Frank Salter, a recognised world leader on Social Impact Studies, raised concerns about the long-term effects of mosque activity on the traditional culture of Australian neighbourhoods.

Eventually in 2016 we arranged a meeting with Mayor Smith to present this preliminary report on the Social Impact of mosques. Our intention was for Councillors to consider the implications of Dr Salter's research and then, based on the validity of residents' concerns, to commission a fully-fledged study for Logan City. This way Council would have a scientific, evidence-based report, to guide policy. Such a procedure is fully in compliance with the Planning Act which guides the administration of Council policy. The proposed research would dispel hearsay and rumour, to identify the real issues of mosque impact in Logan.

At the meeting Mayor Smith gave us just fifteen minutes to present. Dr Salter in Sydney sent through a description of his preliminary study. He outlined how the proposed report would benefit the Council's decision-making process, should Logan City engage his services. This would have been a ground-breaking study for Logan and for Australia, since a professional level and quality of research has yet to be conducted. Logan Council would become a world-leader in Social Impact Research on mosques.

Mayor Smith abruptly rejected Dr Salter's proposal. He declared that Council already had its own assessments from the Scanlon Foundation, which were perfectly adequate to ensure public interest. Then he terminated the meeting, after one of his staff members declared that the Logan City Council had received a $600,000 grant from the Scanlon Foundation in Western Sydney, for the creation of "Multicultural Hubs throughout Logan". See:

Since that time our approaches to Mayor Smith and Logan City Council have been ignored and rebuffed. We discovered the assessment the Council is using is but a poll-based multi-cultural report on Logan. Among other things, this generalised piece does not consider the unique character of the Islamic project, the risk associated with mosques and Islam's unique, mostly negative impact on Australian society.

What could have caused Councillor Luke Smith to so radically change his attitude toward Islam, once he became Mayor Smith? Why did he reject our suggestion when he knew we were reasonable and temperate people, representing Logan residents' best interests?

You will recall since 2013 Logan City has been the epicentre of a number of well publicised terrorist incidents. Radicalised Muslims from Logan either attempted terror attacks here, or went to fight with the Islamic State in Syria. Australia's first suicide bomber, Ahmed Succareih, was from Logan and he blew himself up in a truck bombing in Syria killing nine policemen. An Islamic bookstore, iQraa, run by the bomber's brother Omar Succareih, was shut down after a Federal Police terror investigation. At least one plot was foiled by the AFP when radicalised Muslims intended to behead innocent people on the street in Logan. Incidentally, the iQraa Bookstore run by Omar Succareih was registered with ASIC in the name of Akram Buksh (the current Imam from the Slacks Creek Mosque.).

Akram Buksh, of the Slacks Creek Mosque, along with Hizb ut-Tahrir, has arranged for a number well known hate preachers from overseas to attend the masjid and preach sermons to attendees. In 2016, Australia Wake Up notified the Queensland Police and Logan City Council of visits across Australia and New Zealand, by one Brother Imran, a known hate preacher from Hyderabad, and founder of the IREF (Islamic Research and Educational Foundation). Brother Imran toured Australia and New Zealand, teaching Muslims how to implement Sharia Law on non-Muslims. The Logan City Council were uninterested and brushed our very real concerns about Salafist activity and hate preaching aside as "freedom of religion" for the Salafists.

Our concerns for the future safety of this city under the impact of Islamification are founded on solid evidence. However, Mayor Smith was listening to a different tune and it appears now, that he was dancing to the song of a secret piper.

After the change of behaviour by Mayor Smith and some of his Councillors, we strongly suspected that there were other issues driving their agenda. However we had no evidence to identify the hidden cause of their strange new attitudes.

Now the once hidden mess of Luke Smith's mayoralty and the moral confusion of some of Logan City Councillors has been exposed. The Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission has charged Mayor Timothy Luke Smith with two counts of perjury, one count of official corruption and one count of failing to properly update his register of interests. Evidence from the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission seems to link Luke Smith with their list of corrupt mayors.

The evidence suggests that corruption of City Councillors across Australia by Islamic interests (as well as Chinese interests) may be a commonplace event. This would explain how the mosque objections by many Australians, represented by hard-working Community Groups, have consistently been thwarted by biased Councillors fingered by outsiders. Today's recipe for community breakdown consists of Political Correctness, moral immaturity and envelopes of money offered to weak-willed Councillors. Islam advances because it has special needs. Now we know more about how special are those needs and how ready are some Councillors to serve them.

A recent investigation into Mayor Luke Smith's assets has turned up more information. He is not squeaky clean despite his protestations of innocence. Apparently, the fabulous new powerboat he has been cavorting around in, was a gift from Chinese real estate interests.

The detailed Social impact Study which we wanted Logan City to commission would have been a world first, had Council had agreed to it. As volunteers we put an enormous amount of time and effort into this project. It culminated in a meeting at the Logan Council. Present were our team representing our expert from Sydney, representing the Council were Luke Smith, one of his other councillors and some staff who were responsible for "community relations". They were paid we are volunteers.

There have been a number of new mosque proposals in Logan. We have researched these in depth and produced briefings and advice which we presented to Council, both privately and publicly.

Most of the established mosques in Brisbane were built by the Deen brothers. This family has been in Queensland for several generations. They are successful businessmen and have not been associated with the radical Islam imported from Sydney mosques to create Logan's growing Islamic problems.

Local Muslims informed us that the new mosques were an altogether different kettle of fish. We discovered how the money for these new masjids was coming from interstate, from areas where many AFP anti-terrorism raids have taken place. The same pattern is true of Islamic activity on the Sunshine Coast and in the Gold Coast. The people behind the new mosques are mostly radical Salafists. Our analysis and information suggests that these new mosques would bring with them a more dangerous and radical form of Islam, to present a serious danger to the people of Logan and Queensland.

Despite concerns supported by evidence, our approaches to Mayor Luke and his cohorts were given a steadily more hostile reception. On one memorable occasion Smith informed us "we (Logan City) have more issues with the Sikh and Hindu communities than with Islam". Luke had now become Mayor of Logan. He had around 7 other Councillors on his side, the money in envelopes had changed hands. Luke didn't need us, so he discarded his relationship with the people who had voted him Mayor.

While seeking answers our researcher discovered sworn testimony to the Queensland Crime and Corruption Commission. A Muslim tradesman 'befriended' Luke, to the effect that on numerous occasions he delivered unreceipted and even uncounted amounts of money, in the tens of thousands of dollars. He swore that Mayor Luke Smith took the money. The rest of the story is history.

The pattern of Islamic interests (and Chinese too) corrupting Australia's political process is a major problem. Those foreign cultures have no regard for the honesty and integrity required of our Australian politicians (remember Sydney's Eddie Obeid). Such cultures encourage corruption as a worthy method to achieve their goals. So we witness a record number of Council approvals for mosques, Islamic schools, madrassahs and other Islamic institutions as they proliferate around Australia. What is going on behind the scenes of local government?

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