Dated:30 May 2018
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Britain is becoming a totalitarian state, and much of the West is on the same track.

Everywhere we are seeing attacks on free speech and bending over backwards by political leaders, the police, the judiciary and the media to appease Islam and the behaviour of Muslim criminals.

Just a few days ago, Tommy Robinson, an independent journalist and longtime patriot and defender of the native British people, was arrested and summarily jailed for 13 months in Hull prison, which has a majority of Muslim prisoners. The judge, Geoffrey Marson QC, knows that this could be a death sentence for Tommy.

Australia Wakeup appeals to all subscribers to SIGN THIS PETITION to the British PM Theresa May to release Tommy:

Tommy was arrested for live-streaming outside a Leeds court about a case, being heard inside, of alleged child-grooming by nine Muslim men. The judge sentenced him to 13 months prison for contempt of court because his actions supposedly risked prejudicing the ongoing trial.

That's the on-the-face legal side of it. Tommy may have breached the letter of the law, but it is a law whose administration has been hopelessly corrupted. The hard fact is that there have been many, many outrageous court decisions, and "culturally sensitive" [ie against the Rule of Law] policing decisions, by the British elite class. The courts and the police and local councils for many years now have been giving get-out-of-jail-free cards to disgusting Muslim rapists and other criminals (not "Asian" but Muslims - nothing to do with Hindus, Sikhs or Buddhists).

Meanwhile the establishment - police, BBC, and many Ministers - have bent over backward in craven submission to Islam. They push diversity and multiculturalism while betraying and discriminating against the native British people. Paul Weston of Liberty GB calls them the traitor class - a thoroughly accurate description.

The issue Theresa May needs to face up to is not narrow legal technicality, but the longstanding refusal of the British ruling elites to listen to or have any regard for the interests of the native British people. Jailing Tommy disrespects the longsuffering British people who are being replaced in their own country.

Please sign the petition!

The Team at Australia Wake Up; Chris, Harry, David, Sam, Brendan, DavidC

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