Dated:9 July 2018
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Australia is politically in very bad shape. There's no sense of national unity or purpose. Labor and the Greens are heavily into gender and identity politics and class war. The Senate crossbench is all over the place, some of them with no credible or cohesive wordview at all (such as Hinch and the former Xenophon team). The Greens' worldview is an inverted morality that makes evil good, darkness light, and bitter sweet. It's depressing and downright evil.

Huge numbers of people know our political elites are not listening. Turnbull, Shorten and Di Natale believe they know what's best for us, far more than we do ourselves. They dismiss any contrary view as "populism." Voting for minor parties is now at a record high.

Elite bureaucrats running public institutions are also disdainful of community standards, common sense and human decency. These include:

  • The universities. These are riddled with Cultural Marxist "studies" departments (like gender and race and peace studies) and are destroying respect for Western civilization by teaching history and other social sciences overwhelmingly from self-hating perspectives of racism, slavery, genocide, minorities and sexism.
  • The Australian Human Rights Commission. It ruined the lives of several QUT students over a spurious racial discrimination case in which they were denied natural justice. The Race Discrimination Commissioner has shamelessly demonized ordinary Australians as racists and actively touted for cases. And the new President, Rosalind Croucher, has just told Suncorp to pay $2,500 "compensation" to a convicted pedophile it decided not to employ.
  • The Administrative Appeals Tribunal. It has hundreds of times overturned decisions by Peter Dutton to deport criminals who endanger our community.
  • The Australian Defence Forces. Under the late unlamented David Morrison, it became infested by gender fluidity nonsense and pandering to Islam.
  • The ABC and SBS. These, especially the Ultimo cabal, dispense political propaganda and consistently leftist views as "news", and engage in blatant political engineering. Examples: the SBS's three-part documentary "Go back to where you came from", the unrelenting climate change campaign (only ever one side of the argument), and the constant Trump bashing.
  • Attacks on free speech and academic freedom. The outrageous 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act 1975 has criminalized anything you say or write that can cause subjective feelings of offence or insult. While you should be free from having your reputation or livelihood or personal safety threatened, there is NO right not to be offended and have "hurt feelings". But leftist elites defend 18C's assault on free speech. Indeed the left is entering a new phase of ideological agitation where it is no longer trying to win the debate but to stop debate altogether, banishing from public discourse any and all opposition. We now see frequently attempts to suppress conservative opinions and shut down events by conservative speakers. Left-run demonstrations are becoming violent. The Cultural Marxist writer Herbert Marcuse called all this "repressive tolerance" - tolerate leftist opinions, and repress non-left opinions. That attitude is totalitarian. It declares certain controversies over (like human-induced global warming) and visits serious consequences upon those who refuse to be silenced, from social ostracism to loss of job (two examples both from James Cook University - Dr Mervyn Bendle for criticizing Islam, and Professor Peter Ridd, for saying that claims about damage to the Great Barrier Reef are much overstated).
  • Biased judges and magistrates. Too many dispense "culturally sensitive" justice that gives get-out-of-jail-free cards to rapists, perverts, home invaders and violent criminals.
  • Top leaders of the state and federal police sacrifice citizens' safety to Political Correctness. These leaders are in denial about the drivers of terrorism and are also accessories to perversion of the Rule of Law.

    Our elites are heavily locked into the global, internationalist agenda, including:

  • Uncritical support for free trade even when this is leading to deindustrialization, personal obsolescence of many workers, and loss of national security capacity. Australia's oil refining capacity has been allowed to fall well below national security needs, and national oil stocks amount to only a small number of weeks supply;
  • Free investment, including where this enables danger to national security (as with the sale of the port of Darwin to Communist China);
  • Canberra's sycophancy to the United Nations, despite its rampant corruption and waste, and capture by countries whose values are not ours. The Refugees Convention was framed after the Second World War in circumstances far removed from the migration jihad being inflicted on the West now. And the UN's Agenda 2030 (formerly Agenda 21) is a blueprint for totalitarian micromanagement of human life by an unelected supranational entity;
  • Foreign aid that does not reflect the wishes or even interests of most Australians. Why on earth are we giving aid to people who hate us and our values? For example, over 2018-19 the Australian Government will provide an estimated $49.2 million in development assistance to Pakistan. This is despite the country's appalling record on persecution of Christians through the infamous Blasphemy law;
  • Belief in multiculturalism that denies the primacy of the Anglo-based majority culture of the people that founded, pioneered, built and defended this country, and marginalizes our interests. This multiculturalist ideology is a principal driver behind the flood of approvals by local councils for more and more mosques and other Islamic institutions which subvert our society.
  • Immigration

    There's a debate actively going on now about the level and composition of Australia's immigration program. Judith Sloan wrote The Australian on June 30, 2018:

  • Net overseas migration remains stubbornly high at more than 240,000, accounting for 62 per cent of Australia's total population growth last year...
  • The proportion of our population born overseas - 28.5 per cent - is at a 120-year high. It is also much higher than the US (14 per cent), Britain (13 per cent) and Canada (22 per cent).
  • If we look at the census and consider only permanent residents, we find the number with little or no English has risen from 300,000 in 1981 to 820,000 in 2016. The number of permanent residents with little or no English is projected to reach one million in 2021. ...
  • Two-thirds of migrants head for Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane... Immigration has been contributing between half and two-thirds of population growth since the early 2000s.
  • Some more facts:

  • In 1999 (19 years ago) Australia had 19 million people. We're now 25 million and on track to hit 40 million by 2050. Melbourne is currently growing at 128,000 people a year. What will quality of life be when we have Sydney and Melbourne at 8 million each, and Brisbane and Perth at more than 5 million each?
  • High immigration is one reason why we have been seeing record low wages growth and, conversely, a big increase in the profit share of GDP. Big companies love high immigration because it grows their market.
  • Likewise, house prices: in 1975, the median house equated to four years income. . Now it is 12 years income. In New Zealand, "open house" immigration over the past decade has made Auckland especially a multicultural (Chinese and Indian) city unrecognizable to someone from a few decades ago. And house prices are extremely high.
  • Sydney's major roads have seen average speeds fall by 25 km/hour in the past two years.
  • The urban back yard is becoming rare in new housing stock in Australia's biggest cities.
  • Australia Wakeup believes current immigration numbers are too high, and are threatening our quality of life. We oppose the Big Australia vision by people whose worldview is one-dimensional economic. We believe the intake should be more than halved.

    We also firmly believe that the composition of our migrant intake MUST give essential priority to people who are willing and able to assimilate to Australian values and be productive citizens. We have imported a problem when Muslim youths in a Sydney demonstration assert separateness from our community and celebrate Islamic Jihad ("6th pillar" of Islam), and Muslim women hide their faces so as to cut off normal social interaction with other people:

    The NSW Labor Opposition leader Luke Foley recently came in for criticism when he was politically incorrect- that is, honest - enough to refer to "white flight" from areas of Sydney. Flight is the reality. This is what has happened in parts of England where local suburbs are now not only unrecognizable, but threatening. Australia should not want immigration that replaces our own culture and values rather than enriching us.

    So, what do we do about it?
    It is urgent that all supporters of Australia Wakeup understand, and take to heart, that WE ARE IN A CULTURE WAR. Growing Islamization of the West is certainly a catastrophic problem, but the greatest problem is the relentless and now very far advanced march of Cultural Marxism through the institutions of our society, which is enabling this penetration of Islam. Neo-Marxist university lecturers and school teachers have greatly influenced the attitudes and values of many people, as has the thoroughly captured ABC, which pushes an unceasing agenda of cultural pessimism, hatred of Western civilization, and contempt for the Christian roots of our country. Most journalists now are leftists - and that goes for many in commercial TV, the Fairfax press, and some in the Murdoch press.

    CULTURAL MARXISM may be defined as The destructive criticism and undermining of all institutions of Western civilization and the traditional values underpinning it.
    To understand what the Cultural Left is on about, please watch this seven minute video:

    Culture War has been waged by the Left against all the institutions and values of our society for close on sixty years, and it's only in the last decade or two that increasing numbers of conservatives, and other people who still have a capacity for critical thought, have been pushing back. But it's nowhere near enough.

    You - ALL OF YOU - need to take a stand. Call out those who would endanger our national security, destroy our values, and reshape the "community standards" of our society. Here are just a few things to take on immediately:

    1. Speak the truth and share it with others.
    2. Help inform our young people of the truth. Educate yourself more about Culture War and Islam.
    3. Expose the truth on media pages - write letters to the editor, leave comments on newspaper articles.
    4. Communicate with politicians, organizations and influential individuals. 5. Demand reform of the ABC / SBS .
    6. Press the government to abolish the Australian Human Rights Commission. 7. Defend freedom of speech and call out and confront every
    manifestation of political correctness.
    8. Demand comprehensive reform of the education sector to rid it of leftist indoctrination.

    There's a whole agenda of other things you might also do, but one that is really important is:

    9. Join a Conservative Political Party, inform other members of the need to fight Culture War, and work hard to stop Marxists and Muslims getting into Parliament.

    The Team at Australia Wake Up; Chris, Harry, David, Sam, Brendan, DavidC

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