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Many of you have read Harry Richardson's best-seller 'The Story of Mohammed' and learned about the rise of our favourite Muslim and the origin of Islam. The book review below, 'Jihad Blood and Slavery' was published last May. It builds on the understanding gained from Harry's book.

We consider this work is significant for anyone who needs a reference on Islam's military history and social impact on India. The writer provides a detailed explanation of Jihad and slavery, backed up with excellent historical references.

- Book Reviewer Chris Newman

'Jihad Blood and Slavery From Muhammed to ISIS'

by M.A. Khan

M.A. Khan was born to an Indian Muslim family. He accepted without question the Islamic beliefs and way of life. Like most Muslims he attributed atrocities like the 9/11 Twin Towers terrorist attacks to misguided believers. He thought they had had twisted Islam and misrepresented the pure teachings of its prophet Muhammed.

To start his quest the university-educated Khan decided to read the core Islamic texts, The Quran, Sunnah and prophetic biographies. He believed the scriptures would justify his religious opinions about peaceful Islam. Then came the shock. M.A. Khan discovered that the Quran is a manifesto of open-ended war against the non-Muslims with the goal of converting them to Islam or subjugating them into degraded "dhimmi" subjects. Prompted to know the facts he began to investigate Islamic history, particularly what happened in India.

The strength of this book derives from Khan's reliance on historical documents sourced from the early Muslim historians. These archives of Muslim history are practically unknown to Western scholars.

Well-written, meticulously researched and with many readable and quotable examples, 'Jihad Blood and Slavery' cites some 1175 references and 150 books, all by eminent scholars. These sources provide overwhelming support for the author's account of Islam's bloody path through history, driven by its doctrine of Jihad. The book's contents are well organised and follow the trail of harsh unchanging facts. These reveal a consistent pattern across the centuries from Muhammed to the present day.

Mr. Khan educates his readers in the unfamiliar topics of Prophet Muhammed's early raids and military campaigns, through which the Prophet developed his unique style of leadership. The reader learns how the example of Muhammed inspires Muslims today. Khan consistently gives a colourful picture of a fascinating slice of history.

Despatches from Muslim generals report the statistics of their conquests to their superiors. Khan critically evaluates these numbers and finds them mostly credible. His prime source material is largely unknown in the West. Its existence as fact completely destroys the arguments of Islam's apologists who want to whitewash the difficult features of Islamic history. Khan provides an unvarnished portrait of aspects of Islamic history which have never before reported so directly and honestly.

Khan uncovers the well-documented Indian experience of Islam since 683 A.D. He establishes without doubt that countless millions of Hindus and Buddhists were slaughtered by invading Muslim armies - probably the largest genocide in human history. This information is unknown to most Westerners. Tens of millions of surviving Hindus and Buddhists males were enslaved to labour for the 'Mughals', their women forced into sexual slavery to become the hapless mothers of the next generation of Muslims. As an Indian-born Muslim, Khan has to conclude from the evidence that Islam created an unequalled human tragedy of "religiously sanctioned forced conversion, imperialism and slavery".

Mr. Khan proves conclusively that Islamic slavery harvested some 14 million African blacks, about 10 million Indians and 2 million Europeans. The book's section on Islamic slavery proves its scriptural endorsement and gives the facts. The most ghastly feature of Islamic slavery is the frequent castration of males to ensure their subjugation and impotence. Meanwhile the sisters, wives and daughters of the enslaved men were bought and sold as chattels in Muslim bazaars.

Mr Khan's masterfully assembled account of Islam as humankind's greatest tragedy is no fiction. 'Jihad Blood and Slavery' is a must-read for it breaks through the stereotypes about terrorists and Jihad ideology. We currently have fanatical Jihadists driven to take control of both Islamic and Western countries. There is a warning contained in this book, and the example of ISIS demonstrates how the historical pattern can be successfully applied with modern weapons.

There is a risk that "blood and slavery" could become our children's future unless we heed the messages of courageous and honest scholars exemplified by M.A. Khan. This book is more than a catalogue of Islam's crimes. It is the testimony of a courageous man and talented author who at the risk of his life stepped outside the brainwashing and propaganda of his society's narrative about Islam's perfection. Mr Khan found the truth in the history of people's lives. Are we willing to make the same commitment to secure our children's freedom from Jihad, blood and slavery?

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Chris Newman

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